Eaton launches transmission for heavy-duty EVs

The e-mobility business of power management company Eaton has launched a four-speed transmission for heavy-duty commercial EVs. Designed for Class 7 and 8 vehicles, the new transmission features fine-pitch helical gears and low-noise operation. Eaton said its new gearbox does not have a clutch and is synchronized via the traction motor.

The transmission is scheduled for a 2022 debut.

“Electric buses and trucks need to be able to go up hills and run at highway speeds when they are fully loaded,” said Scott Adams, Senior VP of E-mobility at Eaton. “Our solution is to expand the range of the motor by adding an EV transmission. With this addition, the vehicle can perform well on hills and efficiently at highway speeds with a smaller, less costly motor.”

Source: Eaton

  • Daniel

    Good News. Eaton only want to produce the gearbox? why not add a electric motor?

  • Ormond Otvos

    Don’t see the need. Four motors, load vectoring.
    Trucks don’t need the extreme RPM range small sporty vehicles do, therefore no transmission…use the weight for batteries.