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DOT awards $130 million in nationwide Low-No grants for low-emission buses

Federal support for EVs in the US may have dwindled, but it hasn’t disappeared. The US DOT’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has announced $130 million in grant selections through the Low- or No-Emission (Low-No) Grant program for 2020.

The Low-No program funds the deployment of zero- and low-emission transit buses and supporting facilities. Eligible projects include the purchase or lease of battery-electric or fuel cell buses, as well as related charging infrastructure.

Some 41 projects in 40 states and DC will each receive funding through the program in this round.

Examples of Low-No grant projects selected for 2020:

  • Tucson, Arizona (SunTran) will receive $3.8 million to purchase all-electric buses and charging equipment.
  • The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) will receive $4.3 million for infrastructure upgrades to support its current battery-electric bus fleet in Philadelphia.
  • Racine, Wisconsin (Racine Transit), will receive $3.2 million to purchase battery-electric buses and charging stations.

“Since its establishment, FTA’s Low-No Emission grant program has funded over $409 million in new buses, infrastructure, and training, strengthening America’s economy in a fast-growing industry,” said FTA Acting Administrator K. Jane Williams.

Source: DOT


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