DOE awards $18 million for plug-in work trucks, electric school buses and highway charging


The DOE has announced new awards of $18 million to five alternative fuel projects, four of them EV-related:

  • Odyne Systems will receive $2.9 million to develop plug-in hybrid work trucks (class 7) that reduce fuel consumption by more than 50% and eliminate fuel consumption during stationary operations.
  • Blue Bird Body Company will receive $4.9 million to develop a battery-electric school bus that improves energy efficiency by 20-30% and has V2G capability.
  • Electric utility PacifiCorp will receive $3.9 million to develop electric highway corridors along I-15, I-80, I-70, and I-84 in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.
  • The Gas Technology Institute will receive $4.9 million to deploy multi-fuel stations (including EV charging stations) along I-94 from Port Huron, Michigan to the North Dakota border.



Source: via Green Car Congress
Image: International Information Program (IIP) (CC BY-SA 2.0)

  • EVman

    Why is BlueBird getting money to develop when they have already been offered a working product for under $500K. What is going on???

    • Bill Roush

      Is it the V2G part?

    • Michael B

      And why isn’t WrightSpeed receiving any of these award fund?!

  • brian_gilbert

    Yes, and why isn’t the switch to completely driverless operation with all-electric vehicles taking place when all the techological problems have been solved? Plus, now it is very profitable in its own right? Apart from the financial savings people are being killed and injured in large numbers during the delay.