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DeLorean goes Back to the Future – this time in an EV

An all-electric DeLorean is scheduled to hit the roads in 2013.


Sleek and stainless, with unique gull-wing doors, the DeLorean DMC-12 was one futuristic-looking ride when it went on sale in 1981. It was a natural for the role of the time machine in the movie Back to the Future, which unfortunately was more successful than the car company.

Fast-forward (or is it rewind?) to 2007, and DeLorean Motor Company of Texas started building (or is it rebuilding?) a limited number of DMC-12s for enthusiasts. Perhaps thanks to some future technology brought back through the time warp, DMC Texas has now created an all-electric DeLorean and shown it off to the public at a company open house on October 14.

To build the new EV, DMC partnered with Epic EV, a young company that builds electric hotrods, ATVs and boats. No technical details are available yet, but the plan is to have the new electric DMC-12 in production by 2013.


Images: DeLorean Motor Company


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