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Webinar today: DC fast charging – vehicle-side thermal challenges

OEMs have made remarkable improvements to the EV powertrain over recent years to extend range, reduce costs, and improve the driving experience. Another key item that will help drive greater consumer acceptance of full-electric vehicles is faster charging times.

Progress in achieving 400 A+ and less than 30-minute charging has been slow due to limitations in the current standardization of the infrastructure and vehicle interface, thermal management, and battery reliability.

This 60-minute Webinar will focus on the vehicle-side thermal equation in relation to DC fast charging and looks at the basic elements of the typical thermal interfaces that link the DC fast charging inlet to the vehicle battery – presented by Jeremy C. Patterson, Director Engineering, Hybrid & Electric Mobility Solutions, Automotive, TE Connectivity.

The webinar will be hosted by Charged on June 16, 2020, at 2:00pm EST, and will include a presentation and a live Q&A session.

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