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Cycle World publishes lengthy primer on electric motorcycles

Brammo Charging

An electric motorcycle may seem like an incongruous idea – after all, if there’s anyone who loves noisy, smoky gasoline engines, it’s the stereotypical leather-clad biker. However, as Charged readers well know, e-cycles are here, and their performance is steadily winning converts. Kevin Cameron of Cycle World observes that lovers of two-wheeled speed have two choices: stand in a corner and pout, or learn more about the electric revolution.

Having chosen the second option, Cameron has written a five-part article in which he covers much more than just motorcycles. He delivers an overview of all the major components of an EV, from batteries to motors to power controllers to regenerative braking to chargers.

In fact, this series contains some pretty detailed explanations of how things like motors and batteries work, illustrated with two-wheeled examples of course.

Part 1: Basics of electric-vehicle power systems

Part 2: Electric-vehicle power supplies

Part 3: Exploring the types of electric motors and their related power losses

Part 4: Battery-charging systems are complicated!

Part 5: Battery development and manufacturing, plus problems and solutions


Source: Cycle World
Image courtesy of Brammo

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