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Curtiss-Wright introduces latest generation of its traction inverters for commercial EVs and hybrids

Sensor, control and subsystem company Curtiss-Wright has introduced the second generation of its traction inverters, which are designed for on-highway and off-highway commercial EVs and hybrids.

The new 420 kW traction inverter measures current and temperature directly on the IGBTs, and is compatible with a range of motors, including AC induction, permanent-magnet synchronous and interior permanent-magnet designs.

“Having successfully logged over two billion on-road kilometers since launching the first production units, these second-generation CWTI models have been engineered to be the very best performing and most efficient IGBT inverters on the market today, using state-of-the-art technology to ensure end users receive peak performance,” says Curtiss-Wright Industrial Division GM Jason Watkins.

The company says: “Using the CWTI can improve the efficiency of the drive system (motor plus inverter) by 2%, resulting in an increase of up to 14% in vehicle range.”

The traction inverter is available for single- or dual-motor applications.

Source: Curtiss-Wright


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