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Chrysler expected to reveal electric minivan in January

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Is Fiat Chrysler, the most famous electro-skeptic of the major automakers, changing its tune? An anonymous source has told Bloomberg that the company will show a pure EV based on its popular Pacifica minivan at the upcoming CES show in Las Vegas, a move Bloomberg described as an attempt “to get in step with the industry’s shift toward electric vehicles.”

A PHEV version of the Pacifica is scheduled to go on sale this month. FCA is also reportedly using the Pacifica in a joint project with Google to develop autonomous vehicle systems.

The unnamed source also said that FCA is working on an electric Maserati sports car, which will compete with Tesla (of course it will). Presumably this refers to an electric powertrain option for the two-seat Alfieri, which Maserati says is in the pipeline for 2020.


Source: Bloomberg via Green Car Reports


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