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Chevy Volts recalled over idling problem

Chevy Volt

With new technology come new and unforeseen problems. Apparently, some Volt drivers, lulled into absent-mindedness by the plug-in hybrid’s silent running, forget to shut the car off. This drains the battery, causing the gasoline engine to turn on and possibly leading to dangerous carbon monoxide buildup.

General Motors is recalling about 64,000 Volts from the 2011-13 model years for a software update that will address the issue.

Like other vehicles, the Volt does sound a warning chime when a driver forgets to turn it off. However, the software update will limit the amount of time the car can idle, automatically shutting it down if it’s left unattended for a long period.

GM told Automotive News that it’s aware of two injuries related to the issue, both from carbon monoxide exposure. “If the gas engine runs for a long period of time within an enclosed space, such as a garage, carbon monoxide could build up,” said a spokesman.


Source: Automotive News via Jalopnik


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