Chevy reportedly planning a lower-priced version of the Volt, Opel developing pure EV

Chevrolet’s redesigned 2016 Volt will be offered in a lower-priced model with a smaller battery pack and a shorter electric range, supplier sources told Reuters.

The standard 2016 Volt isn’t expected to be dramatically different from the current model, with a 380-mile total range and a $35,000 price tag. The “entry level” Volt will likely have a range of less than 300 miles, with less equipment, and be priced from just over $30,000, the sources said.

Chevrolet spokesman Mike Albano refused to confirm the news, saying only, “Volt customers are the happiest customers in the world. We found a formula that works for them, and we’re not going to deviate from that formula.”

Meanwhile, Automobilwoche reports that GM’s European unit Opel is planning a smaller version of the Volt, as well as a pure EV for 2016/2017, which will be significantly smaller and more affordable than the Volt’s sister, the Ampera.

Opel sales chief Peter Christian Küspert said alternative powertrains are indispensable for Opel and other automakers to meet Europe’s tighter CO2 standards that take effect in 2021.


Source: Reuters via Automotive News

  • anthonyvop

    Shorter range. That is what the people want.

    Just stick a fork in it. They have already wasted enough of our money on it.

  • djchristi

    GM is responding to the Plug-In Prius, which has MUCH shorter electric range.

    Where is the optimal switch-over point from electric to gas? Longer range or shorter range? This is an interesting question. With multiple vehicle choices, the answer will become more apparent. Congratulations to GM for exploring this market question energetically.