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California hospitals order 12 electric cargo vans from Lightning Systems

Lightning Systems has received an order from the California Department of State Hospitals for 12 all-electric Ford Transit 350HD Class 3 delivery vans.

Fleet dealer Wondries Fleet Group will deliver the Lightning Electric e-vans to the hospital system.

Lightning’s powertrain for the Ford Transit offers peak power of 160 kW (215 hp), a torque rating of 994 Nm (733 lb-ft), and a top speed of 65 mph. The batteries are housed under the floor of the vehicle, with no impact on ground clearance. The vans ordered by the California Department of State Hospitals achieve 61 MPGe, compared to 13 MPG for the gas version of the Transit.

“We offer the broadest range of zero-emission products, with high-quality powertrains on Class 3 through 6 Ford and Chevrolet platforms, Class 7 city buses and Class 8 motor coaches,” said Terry Scholl, Lightning’s Business Development Manager for Southern California. “These vehicles are readily available and supported by a large number of service partners, upfitters and accessory lines. Our Lightning powertrains offer a superior driver and passenger experience over the stock gasoline vehicle in nearly every category—with dramatically less noise, smoother acceleration and regenerative braking.”

Source: Lightning Systems


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