California fleets can buy new electric trucks for less than Tier 4 diesels


Heavy-duty electric truck builder Orange EV has announced that all of its on-road truck configurations are now eligible for the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP), which means that fleet buyers in California can purchase a new pure electric terminal truck for less than the cost of a new Tier 4 diesel.

HVIP offers savings of up to $140,000 per truck, which brings the price down to $104,950 for a standard-duty (80 kWh) T-Series terminal truck (aka a hostler, spotter or yard goat).

“California’s HVIP program enables fleets to purchase electric trucks with the same funds earmarked for diesels, and then operate for significantly less, saving up to 90% net in fuel and more in a broad range of other areas,” said Mike Saxton, Orange EV Chief Commercial Officer. “Fleets also avoid the headache of operating and maintaining Tier 4 diesel engines while greatly improving air quality on-site and in neighboring communities. California drivers have repeatedly affirmed that Orange EV trucks do the job [and are] cooler, smoother, quieter and cleaner than diesels.”

HVIP is designed to be simple and streamlined. Requests are a few pages long and can be approved within days. An approved vendor (such as Orange EV, also the OEM) handles the voucher request process from start to finish. Once approved, discounts are applied at purchase. HVIP does not require the destruction of an existing truck or engine. Similar point-of-sale discount programs exist in Chicago and the state of New York.

The bad news is that funding for HVIP is currently exhausted, and funding has not yet been appropriated for fiscal year 2016-17.

Saxton says voucher requests submitted now are placed in line for the next round of funding, due in February, and will be processed in order. “We understand as of last week the line formed already represented $10 of that next $13 million. There’s real urgency to submit voucher requests to get in line and secure funds in this next funding round.”



Source: Green Car Congress

  • Evguy

    $245k for an 80kWh electric tractor? Really? and the taxpayers pick up over half?

    Is the frame Platinum? Solid gold steering wheel?

    • Ramon A. Cardona

      Almost rare precious metals are needed! The heavy duty aspects of trucks requires tough electric components same as large buildings require extensive and expensive electric systems. California is under a mandate, and the taxpayers know, to cut all sorts of pollution. The ultimate beneficiary are the taxpayer. Lower costs of business reduces prices of goods. Clean air is for everyone. But most things get cheaper eventually! Cheers!

  • W0QR

    Heck, I paid $105k for my 85kwh electric car! 245 is nothing!

  • EVman

    Electric Blue out of Oklahoma just built one for about $80K. The customer sent him an old chassis but the conversion build was under $80K delivered out the door. Looks like there will be huge profit margins on this.