BYD unveils 45-foot electric commuter coach bus

Electric bus manufacturer BYD unveiled what it says is the world’s first 45-foot battery-electric commuter coach bus at the recent APTA Expo.

The company also showcased a 60-foot articulated transit bus, a 35-foot double-decker transit bus, a Class 5 cab chassis truck, and a battery-electric forklift.

BYD now offers seven battery-electric coach and bus models, and has more than 27,000 electric buses in service around the globe.

“BYD offers a battery-electric bus or coach to meet any operational or service route need a transit agency has in North America,” said BYD Heavy Industries Senior VP Macy Neshati. “Our buses reduce operating costs for customers, and that translates into large savings over the 12-year life of a bus. We also offer the industry’s only 12-year battery warranty, so customers can have complete peace of mind when purchasing a BYD bus.”


Source: BYD

  • Vincent Wolf

    China is going to kill the American car market because of Detroit and big oil self interests (profits). Kudo’s for them for caring about the environment and people. America only cares about the almighty dollar nothing more.

    • My Vizn

      Vincent, you are 100% accurate!

  • Bill Davis

    Many of these commuter buses are parked overnight in empty business parking lots out at the far end of their routes from the company that they’ll be commuting to the next day. I assume that they pay a fee to the corporate tenant to park there. For these electric buses they’ll have to pay to get high power charge stations installed on property that they don’t own or even have a lease for… Or with appropriate incentives, the tenant/landowner might recognize the business opportunity and install these stations and charge additional fees to the charging buses.