Brink’s buys electric trucks from Workhorse

Workhorse Electric Truck E-GEN 3

Security company Brink’s, famous for its armored trucks, operates a fleet of 7,800 vehicles in 150 countries. The company recently purchased two plug-in trucks from Workhorse Group (profiled in the May/June 2017 issue of Charged).

Brink’s bought one Workhorse Class 5 E-GEN and one E-100 chassis, both paired with a custom Brink’s body. The two will be deployed in California and Chicago.

The Workhorse E-100 pure electric truck achieves 37.5 MPGe fuel efficiency, with an average range of 100 miles, depending on duty cycle. The Workhorse E-GEN plug-in hybrid step van achieves 30 MPGe fuel efficiency, with an electric range of 60 miles, plus an additional 60 miles using the integrated BMW range extender. Both vehicles use Panasonic battery packs and incorporate Workhorse’s proprietary chassis design, powertrain, battery management system and Metron real-time telematics system.

“Our medium-duty E-100 and E-GEN vehicles save our customers an estimated $150,000 in total cost of ownership savings per truck over a lifetime of use,” said Steve Burns, Workhorse CEO. “Workhorse electric trucks lessen impact on the environment, while breaking dependency on petroleum-based fuels.”


Source: TheStreet

  • Vincent Wolf

    All electric or forget it–PHEVs are a waste of money.

    • Jason Carmichael

      They are a much needed stepping stone for an America without an infrastructure for electric plug ins everywhere.

      When there are as many charging stations as gas stations, then there will be no need for the PHEV.

      • Park to Spark, Inc.

        Agree. With one addition: The charging stations have to be able to charge in minutes like a gas pump fills a gas tank. That’s the real challenge. And, far, far, far away. Let’s get everyone hooked on electric with PHEVs while we wait for EV fueling to be just like gas pumps.