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Brammo announces 2014 Empulse and Empulse R electric motorcycles

Oregon-based Brammo has released details of its 2014 Empulse and Empulse R electric motorcycles. With a top speed of 110 mph, the Empulse claims to be the world’s fastest electric motorcycle in serial production. It sports a water-cooled motor and a six-speed gearbox that translate 90 Nm (66 lb-ft) of torque to over 880 Nm (650 ft-lbs) at the rear wheel (in first gear).  Fuel economy is 438 MPGe.

The Empulse has a 3 kW onboard charger, making it compatible with the growing network of Level 2 public charging stations. It also comes with a J1772 charge coupler that plugs into a standard household outlet. The battery modules come with a limited five year/50,000 mile warranty.

The 2014 model embodies a number of improvements. Brammo has managed to reduce the weight of the Empulse by a full 10 pounds, improving performance, handling, and range.

New features for 2014 include redesigned nickel-plated battery brackets, a redesigned LCD dash in a waterproof housing, tapered aluminum handlebars and Continental SportAttack 2 tires, which use a single compound throughout the tire, but still have different wear and grip characteristics for the center and sides.

Founder and CEO Craig Bramscher said, “Our customers expect Brammo to design and produce the world’s most desirable, high performance electric motorcycles and that’s exactly what we do. Today’s announcement underlines our commitment to listen to our customers and continually improve our products.”

Brammo has big plans for international expansion in 2014, beginning with the United Kingdom, where sales will commence in the second quarter. Brammo will be working with exclusive importer Going Green and Darvill Distribution, which will support Going Green in dealer development and offer performance accessories. Darvill will also spearhead Brammo’s racing efforts in Europe.

Head of Product Development Brian Wismann said, “The 2014 Empulse represents a huge effort by the engineering team at Brammo to further refine and reduce the platform’s weight for the bike’s sophomore model year. We’ve also ensured that the bike is ready for its European launch with additional testing and certifications required for the EU market. All the hard work will be worth it when the first customer in Europe twists the throttle and gets their first ‘EV grin.’”


Source: Brammo


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