Bite Squad to convert its delivery fleet from Prius to Tesla Model 3

Bite Squad, the Minneapolis-based restaurant delivery service that now operates in 30 markets around the country, hopes to swap out its current fleet of several hundred Toyota Priuses for Tesla Model 3s. It plans to test a handful of 3s on the road in its home base of Minneapolis this fall.

Company-owned vehicles account for about 10 percent of Bite Squad’s fleet.

“We think it could be a big game-changer for us in terms of cost and liability and safety,” said VP of Marketing Craig Key, noting that the Model 3 is similar in price to a Prius, but would save the company on fuel and maintenance costs. Bite Squad also hopes Tesla’s assisted driving technology will lead to fewer accidents.

Full self-driving capability would be very appealing to a delivery firm such as Bite Squad, but Key expects that to take a few years. “Everyone is wondering when are the drones going to take the Pad Thai to their doorstep,” he said. “We’re not there yet. That’s not in the short-term future for us.”

In the meantime, Bite Squad is hoping its Model 3s will be delivered by early this fall after placing its reservation for them late last year. “We’re waiting on our order still,” said Key. “We’re at Tesla’s mercy like everybody else.”


Source: StarTribune

  • Arthur Burnside

    Tesla’s autonomous driving has already resulted in a near fatal accident. Anyone who assumes autonomous driving will be safer is simply wishing and hoping.

    • tim spofford

      By any measure I can think of, a “near fatal accident” compares favorably to 37,461 deaths in 2016.

      • dogphlap dogphlap

        2017 gave a US road death toll in excess of 40,000.
        Folks have no sense of proportion unfortunately. People will continue to die on our roads, the best we are ever likely to achieve is a sizeable reduction.
        I wish the best to anyone developing self driving cars (I am a fan of the level 2 autonomy in my 2015 Tesla, just smart cruise control with the ability to stay centred within a lane) but I remain doubtful we will ever see production car level 4 or 5 autonomy.

    • Lance Pickup

      Considering Tesla has not released any autonomous driving on any of their vehicles to date, I am thinking you have your facts confused. Maybe you are talking about Tesla’s Autopilot system, which is not autonomous, nor is it what the article above is referring to. It is a system designed to assist the user (lane keeping, adaptive cruise control) rather than true autonomous driving.

    • tim spofford

      Cartoon in this week’s New Yorker. Corporation president to VPs, around conference table: “Granted, it would save countless lives—but to what end?”