Bill Ford confirms 2020 hybrid F-150, teases electric pickup

Ford F-150 Raptor with auto start-stop technology

Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of the Ford Motor Company, recently gave a speech to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Rouge, the historic auto plant that he called “the heart of Ford,” and the place “where the industrial revolution took hold.”

Mr. Ford says the Rouge is “as environmentally progressive as heavy manufacturing can be,” with a living roof and extensive recycling programs in place. “We recycle enough aluminum to build another 400,000 F-Series truck bodies each year.”

The Rouge has seen some changes in the auto industry, and it’s going to see a lot more. “Our business is changing in dramatic ways,” said Bill. “Everything from how we build our cars, to what they run on, to the way we buy them, hail them, or even drive them at all.”

One big change that’s coming soon: a hybrid pickup truck. “I am excited to confirm that the revolutionary 2020 Ford F-150 Hybrid will be built right here,” said Ford. “It’s going to be a truck that takes you farther without sacrificing power and a truck that helps you do more when you get there, with electricity for everything from your tools to your camping gear.”

“And then we’ll keep innovating,” Ford continued. “When it comes to building the best trucks in the world, we never rest. Whether they’re gas, diesel, hybrid – or when the time comes, fully electric – we will ensure they power the world in a sustainable way and remain Built Ford Tough.”


Source: Ford via Green Car Congress

  • Mark

    “When the time comes” is now. The world now knows electric trucks are feasible and coming from new Auto makers soon. If Ford want to retain their crown in one of the few markets they dominate, the time to invest and prepare is now. It’s just like the bigger topic of switching all ground transport to zero emission; it will happen eventually, so do you want to be part of the solution (and still have a business) or hold back as long as possible (and lose your customers to others who will)? We realise you can’t announce too many forward facing plans for fear of decimating current sales, so truely hope although you are silent, you are already busy behind the scenes!

  • mipak

    Yeah but buyers won’t go for it. It’s a fact that most all hybrids have LESS towing capability (many have ZERO like the hybrid Pacifica compared to 3500 lbs for the non-hybrd; ditto the Highlander, etc, etc) than an ICE truck. And that an ICE truck would have one half the capability of a fully electric truck (capable of towing up to 50,000 lbs compared to the best diesel at 33,000 lbs). The hybrid will be too complex and break down over tens of years of use and cost tens of thousands in repairs to it’s ICE/EV drive train. The electric would last for a hundred years without major replacements. Not gonna fall for this hype. Go electric or go home Ford.

  • Michael Leger

    some of these companies are not going to make it. Pretty cut throat business these days.