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Basic Model S gets AWD and a bigger battery

Tesla Model S 85d

Like EVs in general, Teslas just keep getting better, one incremental step at a time. The company has just announced that its base model will now come with AWD capability and a larger battery pack.

The Model S 60 has been replaced by the Model S 70D, which features a 70 kWh battery pack and 240 miles of range. Top speed is 140 mph and 0-60 acceleration is 5.2 seconds – not quite the “taking off from an aircraft carrier” experience offered by the top-of-the-line P85D’s 3.1 seconds, but enough to smoke most sedans you’re likely to meet at a stoplight.

All models now come with DC Fast Charging through the free Supercharger network, and all the hardware required for current and future Autopilot functions (some basic autonomy features are standard, and others, such as traffic-aware cruise control, lane keeping and self-parking, are available as a $2,500 option).

Tesla has raised the price of the base model by about $5,000, to $76,950, including destination charge.               


Source: Tesla 


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