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Automobili Estrema’s electric hypercar does 0-200 mph in 10 seconds

The area around Modena, Italy has a long history of producing some of the world’s most famous and prestigious cars. A new resident of this storied region is Automobili Estrema, which was founded in 2020 by industry veteran Gianfranco Pizzuto, and counts several other illustrious automotive professionals among its execs.

For its first product, the company aims to produce the world’s fastest and most powerful electric car.

The Fulminea hypercar (the name means something like “lightning fast” in Italian) is powered by four torque vectoring-capable electric motors, one for each wheel. Total power is 2,040 horsepower (1.5 MW). Forget about 0-60 figures—this beast can accelerate to 200 mph  in less than 10 seconds.

The Fulminea uses a hybrid battery pack that combines traditional lithium-ion cells with ultracapacitors. The  innovative pack, which was produced in collaboration with the Turkish firm IMECAR Elektronik, has a capacity of over 100 kWh. It uses prismatic solid-state cells from Belgium’s Avesta Battery Energy Engineering, arranged in a cell-to-pack format. The battery pack weighs 661 lb (300 kg), and Automobili Estrema claims a specific energy of 500 Wh/kg (and compares this to the 260 Wh/kg of a Tesla battery pack).

The Fulminea’s estimated range (WLTP) is around 323 miles.

In partnership with Boston-based Electra Vehicles, Automobili Estrema developed a battery management system that continuously optimizes the power delivered by the battery cells and the ultracapacitors to maximize efficiency and performance, based on the operating environment, battery conditions and driving style.

The Fulminea is now in production, which will be limited to only 61 units, each with a hefty price tag of just under two million euros. The first production model is set to be unveiled in June, and deliveries to customers are to begin later in the year.

In September, Automobili Estrema will attempt to set a new electric vehicle lap record at the famous Nürburgring testing track. A documentary film will cover the Fulminea’s entire story, from the car’s inception and development to its (hopefully) record-breaking race at the Nürburgring.

Source: autoevolution

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