Atieva’s electric van meets a Ferrari and a Model S on the drag strip

Atieva’s Van

Atieva has an office in Silicon Valley, an impressive team of engineers led by former Tesla star Peter Rawlinson, a flashy web site, and now, finally, a prototype vehicle, a delivery van that can do 0-60 in 3.08 seconds.

“Edna,” a converted Mercedes Metris van, made her debut with a video of a drag race versus a Ferrari and a Model S – both of which she beat with a 3.08-second time.

Atieva offered a brief profile: “Under Edna’s skin are two electric motors, two sets of power electronics, two gearboxes, one battery capable of storing 87 kWh of energy and outputting over 900 horsepower, plus all of the software to make the components play nicely together. With Edna we are able to test various aspects of the powertrain system, including motor control algorithms, regenerative braking behaviors, accelerator pedal feel, and cooling strategies, to name a few.”

Edna seems to be a test vehicle for the powertrain that will be used in Atieva’s upcoming sedan, which it hopes to launch by 2018. Two luxury crossovers are planned to follow.

The company has plans to build a car factory in California.


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Sources: Atieva, Electrek, Road & Track

  • Jim Fox

    Tesla was not in ‘ludacris’ mode, then??

    • Michael B

      I’m guessing it was not a P90D in Ludicrous mode, no. And for a real race, they’d probably “light-weight” it a bit, by at least taking the back seats out. I suspect that the van was empty, etc. But all of what Zephyr said above is still true! 🙂

  • Zephyr

    Silly, but wonderful. I love things like this because they illustrate the inevitable dominance of EVs. If you can stick a home-brewed system in a delivery van and smoke a production supercar, your technology is better, period. It’s even better that it beat the MS too, because that reminds people that Tesla is not a unicorn… it’s just what happens when you put some effort into refining that fundamentally superior technology and maturing it a bit.

  • Edward

    Very impressive. Still couldn’t beat Adomani All electric F150 dollar for dollar. Adomani still has a challenge on the 26,000 GVW all electric bus on you tube. 0-40mph in under 17 seconds. Up any hill from a dead stop in half the time of even BYD.

    • My Vizn

      I’m not familiar with the Adamommi F150? How many of these are on the road? What is the cost, what is the warranty, what is the plan to scale these systems? Thanks

      • Electric Bill

        I know Edward Monfort personally… we both have fully electric pickup truck conversions— his is a Ford, mine is a Chevy–and yes, both are powerful, but I suspect his is quicker. He converts school buses and trucks to electric, such as the school bus in the attachment.

        He is in China right now, and I always have trouble reaching him when he’s out of the country, so expect him to return your query when he returns.

        As for the Atieva video, I may agree with Jim: itxwas, probably an early Tesla with the smallest battery pack.

        But consider, also, that Tesla has stated they will be expanding their whole lineup of models in the coming two years or, so–pickups, big rigs, SUVs… and, a total redo of the Roadster.

        So if a P90D can do 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, and that is a seven-passenger sedan, imagine, what a fully – reworked Roadster will be able to do— not even the most stripped down Ferrari being piloted by a chipmunk will be able to keep up, a0

  • Edward

    built the electric F150 from spare parts in the electric bus garage and it is a one off and has been running for two years flawlessly. Its on you tube and so is the 33000GVW adomani electric bus challenge.

  • Jim Whitehead

    Why didn’t they let reputable Road and Track race these? Because the Tesla would win. Even a souped-up Leaf or a racing bike could beat a low end Tesla that they probably crippled.

  • Zzoott Zzootticus

    So, what’s that banging along behind the van that happens to rattle to a stop right before the photo-line? Looks like a wrench? Tie-rod end?