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Another benefit of electric trucks: they’re easier on drivers’ knees

Numerous studies have found that electrifying transportation will deliver major health benefits by reducing air pollution. During a recent webinar (as reported by Transport Dive), Duane Hughes, the CEO of electric truck maker Workhorse, offered another potential benefit: regenerative braking can reduce commercial drivers’ need for work-related knee surgeries, saving money for fleet operators.

“It really relates to healthcare costs and insurance costs,” said Hughes. A driver of a last-mile delivery vehicle traveling 65 miles per day, with 200 starts and stops, might move their foot from the accelerator to the brake more than 1,000 times a week, said Hughes. This is “associated with a number of knee surgeries these fleets are providing their drivers on an annual basis.”

Some fleet operators are already aware of the health benefits for drivers that EVs offer. As Transport Dive reports, Paul Rosa, a Senior VP at Penske Truck Leasing, said his company’s drivers appreciate the quieter ride and lack of diesel stink. “Electric heavy-duty vehicles have many tangible benefits, including several inherent health advantages,” said Rosa. “These include a much quieter ride than diesel trucks, making EVs less impactful on a driver’s hearing.”

A 2020 report from the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions found that inhaling fewer diesel fumes “may also help reduce a company’s healthcare costs and increase its profitability.”

Source: Transport Dive


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