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Amsterdam airport taxis switch from Tesla Model S to Model X

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is famous among travelling EV enthusiasts for its fleet of 167 Model S taxis. Now fleet operator BIOS-groep plans to trade the S for an X, replacing all of its Model S sedans with roomy Model X crossovers.

BIOS-groep collaborated with Tesla to install its own on-site charging solution. Level 2 AC chargers charge the taxis overnight, and 60 kW Tesla DC fast chargers are used for top-ups during the day. All the electricity comes from renewable sources.

“The Model S have held up beautifully since they’ve been put to work in 2014, having an average of over 250,000-300,000 km on each odometer by the end of 2017,” said Stef Hesselink, Managing Director of BIOS-groep. “We loved Model X, and the ability to transport up to seven adults as well as their luggage coupled with the high residual value of the Model S, made a very appealing case.”

Model x


Source: Tesla via InsideEVs


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