30 Solaris electric buses coming to the islands of Venice

Venice, Italy’s transit operator, ACTV SPA Venezia, has ordered 30 Solaris Urbino 12 electric buses, nine fast pantograph chargers, six fixed plug-in chargers, and a mobile plug-in charger. The buses will be deployed on the islands of Lido and Pellestrina, replacing all of the diesel buses currently in use on the islands.

ACTV SPA Venezia requested adaptations to the vehicles to enable charging via a plug-in charger and a roof-mounted pantograph. The vehicles and chargers are scheduled for delivery by the end of 2020. Solaris valued the order at around €20 million ($22.3 million).

Solaris also received an order for 250 Urbino 12 electric buses from Milan’s transit operator, ATM Milan, last month. The company plans to begin delivering the first 40 in June 2020.

Alberto Fiore, General Manager of Solaris Italy, said, “Meeting all the technical requirements of the customer ACTV Venice was a challenge Solaris could not resist.”

Source: Solaris

  • Vincent Wolf

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