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DOE issues RFI to strengthen critical battery material supply chains

The DOE has issued a request for information (RFI) on challenges and opportunities in the upstream and midstream critical battery material supply chains. “As the demand for critical materials continues to grow, a secure and domestic upstream supply chain becomes vital,” said Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Daniel R. Simmons. “Innovation in… Read more »

Sunstone Engineering’s new battery welding system enables copper and nickel tab welding

Sunstone Engineering, a manufacturer of high-tech micro-welding and engraving solutions, has developed a new battery welding system that’s capable of welding copper and nickel tabs to power cells. Sunstone’s Omega PA250i includes new welding technology that clears a path for battery manufacturers to use pure copper or nickel tabs in the production of power cells…. Read more »

Renesas unveils integrated LIN interface sensor signal conditioner for EV HVAC Systems

Renesas Electronics recently introduced the ZSSC4132—an automotive pressure sensor solution featuring an integrated certified LIN v2.2a interface. Available in a single-package compact form factor, the sensor signal conditioner (SSC) is designed for EV climate control systems. Renesas says the AEC-Q100 qualified ZSSC4132 can be configured for nearly all resistive bridge sensors.  “HVAC plays a significant… Read more »

Freudenberg develops thermally conductive elastomer for EVs

Engineers at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have developed an elastomer that merges relatively high heat capacity with electrically insulating properties by combining silicone rubber with special fillers. Electronic components can be mounted in a thermally conductive aluminum housing, which dissipates heat through cooling water or convection. Senior Application Manager Armin Striefler explains why Freudenberg decided to… Read more »

Danfoss Editron obtains marine certification for motors and frequency converters in China

Danfoss Editron has obtained the final type approval certificate for its synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet motors and frequency converters from the China Classification Society (CCS). “Electrification plays an increasingly important role in the green promotion of ships,” said a senior-level surveyor of the China Classification Society. “The type approval of this product can help… Read more »

Scheugenpflug’s new DispensingCell DC803 is designed for high-volume liquid dispensing

Scheugenpflug recently introduced the DispensingCell DC803, a multifunctional cell for dispensing applications. This system can be used for potting and applying liquid seals and adhesives, as well as sealing sensitive electronic surfaces. The cell is an offshoot of the company’s CNCell. The DispensingCell DC803 was designed for medium-to-high production quantities. The company says the servo… Read more »

Learn about state-of-the-art magnetic alloys for EV motors: watch the free webcast

A new generation of stator and rotor materials offer 25% higher induction and 30% lower losses than conventional electrical steel, resulting in a significantly higher power and torque density compared to conventional materials. In a new webcast session recently announced at the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, Nir Vaks—Global Director at Carpenter Electrification—will lead… Read more »

TNO and partners secure grant to develop cobalt-free batteries

The European Commission has awarded an €11.8-million grant to the COBRA (CObalt-free Batteries for futuRe Automotive applications) project, which aims to develop next-generation cobalt-free batteries. The project started earlier this year and will run until January 2024. Dutch research organization TNO will collaborate in the development of cobalt-free EV batteries by validating battery cell improvements… Read more »

Sandy Munro offers BMW i3 teardown report for $10

For many years, Munro & Associates has been performing teardowns—taking cars apart to find out what their components are, where they come from and how much they cost—and selling enormous, highly technical reports to automakers for five-figure prices, mostly unnoticed by anyone outside the auto industry. More recently, because of the huge interest in the… Read more »