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Charged announces virtual conference on EV engineering

Since most of our favorite in-person conferences have been canceled or postponed indefinitely, Charged decided to organize a virtual conference on EV engineering September 1 – 3, 2020. The conference includes live webinar sessions and interactive Q&As, as well as new on-demand webinars and whitepaper downloads available in the weeks leading up to the live… Read more »

New Li-ion superconductor could lead to safer batteries

Researchers from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) claim to have developed a sulfide-based superionic conductor—a material with high ion transport properties corresponding to ion conductivity of 10 to 100 mS/cm at room temperature—that can be used as a high-performance solid electrolyte in all-solid-state batteries.  All-solid-state battery technology could solve the safety issues… Read more »

Software Motor Company and Ansys speed development of advanced motors

Software Motor Company (SMC) and Ansys are collaborating to accelerate the development of ultra-efficient switched reluctance motors (SRMs) that solve critical noise vibration and harshness (NVH) issues.  Traditional AC induction motors drive most of today’s power-hungry machines, including EVs. SRMs are more efficient, reliable, and durable, but to drive industry adoption, they must overcome NVH… Read more »

S-in motion provides smart steel solutions for EVs

Ten years after ArcelorMittal introduced its first S-in motion study for ICE vehicles, the company has released a new set of S-in motion solutions for EVs. The S-in motion online car configurator shows how advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) and smart solutions can be deployed to meet the weight, safety, cost and sustainability performance targets of… Read more »

Texas A&M researchers develop a method for 3D printing hard steels

Martensitic steels—materials that are both corrosion-resistant and hardenable via heat treating to a wide range of hardness and strength levels—lend themselves to applications in the aerospace, automotive and defense industries, in which high-strength, lightweight parts need to be manufactured inexpensively. Researchers from Texas A&M University, in collaboration with scientists at the Air Force Research Laboratory,… Read more »

Webinar: Thermal and EMI shielding materials for automotive electronics

Protecting automotive electronics from high temperatures and electromagnetic interference to improve the performance of xEVs and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) Powered by advancements in technology, the implementation of ADAS and electrified vehicles is rapidly accelerating. The complex systems that power these new vehicles rely on electronics—making reliable operation of these systems critical for safe vehicle… Read more »

New Munro report compares 10 leading EV motors

Munro & Associates analyzed and compared 10 leading EV motors to develop a comprehensive side-by-side comparison in its latest report. Designed to help automakers and suppliers to effectively expand and compete in new EV markets, the 437-page report features detailed analyses and comparisons of the motors used in the Tesla Model 3, BMW i3, Chevrolet… Read more »

Amphenol’s new sensor detects water in EV battery packs

Amphenol Advanced Sensors now offers its Coolant Leak Detection Sensor to detect the presence of water and coolant in an EV battery pack enclosure, enabling the Battery Management System (BMS) to take proper countermeasures to reduce the risk of pack failure and electrocution. While substantial design measures are taken to prevent water intrusion into battery… Read more »