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New silicon material improves uptake of lithium ions in anodes

Dutch firm RGS has introduced a nano-porous silicon material called E-magy that’s designed to be used in the anodes of Li-ion batteries. The company claims its material can increase battery anode capacity by up to 50%. Battery boffins have long dreamed of replacing carbon material in anodes with silicon, but in practice the amount of… Read more »

Cummins partners with Battery Innovation Center for testing, validation and training

Cummins, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial vehicle engines, has been steadily expanding its offerings to include hybrid and electric powertrains. Now the Indiana company has partnered with the nearby Battery Innovation Center (BIC) for support in testing of its battery systems and training for its workforce. The BIC has been helping Cummins… Read more »

Manitou electrifies two construction-telehandler prototypes with DEUTZ drive systems

Handling equipment specialist Manitou Group has modified two construction telehandler prototypes to include DEUTZ electric and hybrid-drive systems. The two companies have collaborated on this project as part of Cologne’s ELECTRIP Event Week. Manitou is E-DEUTZ’s first-ever partner. For the hybrid prototype, the partners took a Manitou MT 1335 and swapped its 75 kW DEUTZ TCD… Read more »

German firm to develop lithium extraction, processing and battery manufacturing around Bolivian lithium deposit

Bolivian state-owned enterprise Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos (YLB) and German sustainable-solutions specialist ACI Systems (ACISA) are collaborating to mine, process and commercialize Bolivia’s ten-million-ton Salar de Uyuni lithium deposit. ACISA intends to use the processed ore to produce cathode materials and battery systems. The project is expected to create 500 to 1,000 direct jobs and… Read more »

Chalmers researchers one step closer to using carbon fiber as a structural battery

Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology has been experimenting with carbon fiber as a structural electrode. The team has studied the relationship between carbon fiber’s microstructure and electrochemical capacity, and is working to develop a combination that is both mechanically sound and energy dense. In short, they would like to use an EV’s body as its battery. The… Read more »

Mazda to partially electrify all its vehicles by 2030, rotary-powered range extender in the works

Mazda has unveiled several new electrification and connectivity strategies as part of a “long-term vision for technology development” which it calls “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030” (yes, that’s really its name). The company intends to gradually electrify its vehicles while continuing to improve internal combustion technology. “With a view to achieving a 90-percent reduction versus 2010 levels in… Read more »

STMicroelectronics and Leti to enhance on-board charging with gallium nitride

Semiconductor provider STMicroelectronics and French research institute Laboratory of Electronics and Information Technologies (Leti) have announced plans to enhance on-board EV chargers with gallium nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) technology. They plan to have validated engineering samples ready in 2019. Devices that use gallium nitride can handle higher voltages, frequencies and temperatures than those using conventional materials such… Read more »

BMW partners with Northvolt and Umicore to develop sustainable EV battery lifecycle

As EVs proliferate, there’s an increasing need to establish protocols for sustainably procuring battery cells. BMW plans to collaborate with battery maker Northvolt and materials specialist Umicore to develop a sustainable lifecycle for European EV batteries. From cell chemistry to usage to recycling, the project seeks to optimize every step of a battery’s lifecycle around… Read more »

Lithium Werks receives €1.6-billion investment to construct battery cell factory in China

Battery specialist Lithium Werks has signed a €1.6-billion agreement with the Zhejiang Jiashan Economic and Technological Development Zone to construct a 60-hectare (nearly 150-acre) battery cell factory in the Yangtze Delta in China. This is the beginning of a 15-20 year plan to construct several large factories globally. The factory’s production capacity is expected to be… Read more »