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Freudenberg expands battery material testing facilities

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has expanded its material testing capabilities to include performance and compatibility evaluations of the rubber, elastomers and thermoplastics used to seal and safely maintain lithium-ion batteries. The company has installed equipment and adopted new testing protocols in its Plymouth, Michigan Central Laboratory that will provide data on which materials optimally resist breakdown… Read more »

Parker LORD earns UL certification for CoolTherm potting compounds

Parker LORD has received UL 1446 certification for several of its CoolTherm potting compounds for use in thermal management systems. The company says its thermally-conductive, low-viscosity materials optimize heat dissipation, protect components from dust and moisture, and help reduce vibration. These thermal management materials have now been tested and certified under the relevant UL standards… Read more »

dSPACE charging station emulation solution accelerates EV development

dSPACE has introduced its Smart Charging Station Emulator, which emulates charging stations with a power level of up to 85 kW. This enables EV and battery manufacturers to test their new products with different technical charging standards and protocols, simulate a large number of faults, and develop them in line with the requirements of international… Read more »

Ricardo opens Electrified Propulsion Research Centre

Ricardo has opened a new Electrified Propulsion Research Centre at its Shoreham Technical Centre in West Sussex. The £5.5-million research facility was designed to enable the development of the next generation of EVs, from component-level subsystems to fully integrated powertrains.  Managing Director Steve Dyke said, “We continue to consolidate our position as a trusted engineering… Read more »

Sion Power introduces large-format lithium-metal EV cell

Sion Power, a specialist in lithium-metal batteries, has announced advancements in its Licerion-EV cell, achieving 400 Wh/kg (700 Wh/L) in a large-format 17 Ah pouch cell.  Sion is producing the cells at its facility in Tucson, Arizona, by stacking electrodes with an approximate size of 100 mm x 100 mm on pilot systems. Scaling to… Read more »

New electrode materials bring all-solid-state batteries a step closer

At the Osaka Prefecture University, Atsushi Sakuda and colleagues have been studying a type of battery that they believe holds the key to the future of energy storage: all-solid-state batteries (ASSBs).  “In 2019, we developed a solid electrolyte using sodium ions, which showed the highest conductivity in the world reported at room temperature,” said Dr…. Read more »

Magna uses cloud connectivity to increase EV range and hybrid decrease emissions

Magna’s roadmap to e-mobility now includes the company’s new connected hybrid powertrains and EV drives. The company recently demonstrated both systems at its winter test driving site in northern Sweden. The Magna EtelligentEco, an intelligent, connected PHEV system, offers a cloud connectivity feature that allows it to perform several new functions. For example, it accounts… Read more »

Teijin and Applied EV develop polycarbonate solar roof for EVs

Teijin and Applied Electric Vehicles (Applied EV) have developed a polycarbonate solar roof for future mobility applications.   The new solar roof uses Teijin’s Panlite polycarbonate resin glazing for its surface, which is then molded into shape. Teijin says the material achieves the strength and rigidity required for vehicle roofs. Conventional polycarbonate resin must be specially… Read more »

HORIBA extends automation capabilities for hybrid emissions and EV energy consumption testing

HORIBA has announced the availability of STARS VETS, its vehicle emission test automation software for Windows 10. STARS VETS is part of the company’s STARS Automation platform. HORIBA says the platform ensures vehicle emission tests run smoothly and efficiently, with preloaded cycles, configuration data and results calculations for a wide range of regulatory standards.   The… Read more »