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Freemens wins €250,000 EU grant to design modular battery pack

French energy storage and battery management system specialist Freemens has won a €250,000 grant from the European Commission’s iModBatt project. The aim of iModBatt is to design and manufacture a high-energy-density modular battery pack with minimum environmental impact that’s flexible enough to be used in automotive and small stationary applications. The iModBatt battery pack will… Read more »

UltraCharge raises $2 million to advance its battery technology

The Israeli/Australian firm UltraCharge has raised 2.5 million Australian dollars ($1.9 million) in funding to advance the development of its battery tech. UltraCharge’s technology portfolio includes a patented anode technology from Nanyang Technology in Singapore that replaces graphite in anodes with titanium dioxide nanotube fibers. The company has also agreed to acquire the rights to… Read more »

AKASOL opens European production facility for commercial EV batteries

German battery manufacturer AKASOL has announced the opening of a new semi-automated production facility for commercial vehicle batteries. The company has invested €10 million in the new commercial plant at Langen, in the Hesse region of Germany. The facility has a capacity of 600 MWh of battery systems per year, enough to equip up to… Read more »

Miltec’s new ceramic coating for anodes improves performance and reduces cost

Maryland-based Miltec UV has introduced a new system to coat Li-ion battery anodes with a ceramic coating designed to improve performance and safety while reducing cost. The advance is enabled by the use of binders that cure instantly upon exposure to UV light, in combination with an application technique that coats just the surface of… Read more »

BMW’s Chinese JV opens battery factory in Shenyang

The BMW Brilliance Automotive joint venture has opened a new battery factory in Shenyang, China. The High-Voltage Battery Center will supply the nearby Dadong plant, which will produce the BMW 5 Series Plug-in Hybrid for the local market. BMW produces electrified vehicles at ten locations worldwide. The high-voltage batteries needed for these models come from… Read more »

Fisker files patents on solid-state battery tech

Reborn automaker Fisker has filed patents for a new type of solid-state battery technology that it says could lead to much greater energy density and faster charging times. According to Fisker, current limitations of solid-state technology include low electrode current density, limited temperature ranges and non-scalable manufacturing processes. Other drawbacks include: low power and low… Read more »

Oerlikon Fairfield’s new electric drive system for off-highway applications

Oerlikon Fairfield will present a new electric drive system for off-highway vehicles at this month’s Agritechnica show in Hanover, Germany. The system integrates an Oerlikon Fairfield Torque Hub planetary drive with an Interior Permanent Magnet Motor produced by Ashwoods Electrical Motors. The new drive system delivers 4,000 Nm of drive torque and 5,600 Nm of… Read more »

UK government invests $86 million in battery research institute

A consortium of 7 prominent UK universities will form the Faraday Battery Institute, a new £65-million ($86 million) institute for battery research and technology. The Institute will cooperate with industry partners to accelerate fundamental research to develop battery technologies. The Faraday Research Challenge is divided into 3 streams – research, innovation and scale-up – and… Read more »