Fisker settles with A123 and lays off employees

  The tragic milestones are passing one by one for Fisker Automotive, and we fear that the end may be near. Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Fisker had hired restructuring lawyers to help it prepare for a possible bankruptcy filing. Now the company has laid off most of its remaining employees –… Read more »

Detroit Electric unveils “world’s fastest” production EV

Fans of electric speed, who were sad to see the Tesla Roadster go out of production, can celebrate today, as Detroit Electric has unveiled the SP:01, a limited-edition, two-seat electric sports car that looks like a worthy successor. The rear-wheel-drive speedster boasts a maximum velocity of 155 mph, and does 0-62 in 3.7 seconds. It… Read more »

New Porsche Panamera PHEV

Porsche is introducing its first plug-in hybrid – the Panamera S E-Hybrid. It’s part of a new generation of Panamera models that will debut at Auto China in Shanghai later this month, and will go on sale late in 2013. The S E-Hybrid improves upon the previous Panamera S Hybrid with a more powerful electric… Read more »

GM to produce next-generation EVs in South Korea

General Motors plans to produce its next generation of electric cars at its Bupyeong, South Korea, plant, as the US automaker increases its investment in the fast-growing vehicle technology. GM Korea head Sergio Rocha told journalists at this week’s Seoul Auto Show that the new model will be designed from the ground up as an… Read more »

Plug-in vehicle sales set a new record in March

Please don’t tell any of the mainstream media, but US plug-in vehicle sales reached a new all-time high in March. Interestingly, pure EV sales (4750) outnumbered PHEV sales (3080), which, if its not just a temporary market gyration, would seem to be a reversal of the current conventional wisdom. In first place for March is… Read more »

KAIST discovers method to extend Li-air battery life

Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have discovered a means to extend the lifetime of lithium-air (Li-air) batteries, a technology that offers the promise of higher energy densities than those achievable with conventional lithium-ion batteries. They report their findings in the February issue of the journal ChemSusChem. Li-air batteries are… Read more »

Tesla stock blasts off as sales exceed target and profit predicted

It’s no April fool. Tesla Motors has announced that it sold 4,750 units of its Model S electric sedan in the first quarter, cruising past the target of 4,500 that it set in its February shareholder letter. As a result, the company will adjust its Q1 financial guidance from achieving an operating profit (which excludes… Read more »