New CARB plan aims to put more clean vehicles in disadvantaged communities

The California Air Resources Board has adopted a revised funding plan for proceeds from the state’s cap-and-trade program that aims to help more lower-income consumers buy clean vehicles. It also includes investments in zero-emission heavy-duty trucks and buses. Highlights of the revised plan include: $133 million to the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP), which offers… Read more »

Boeing orders space-qualified Li-ion cells from GS Yuasa Lithium Power

Boeing has placed an order with GS Yuasa Lithium Power for LSE190 lithium-ion cells, which will be used to power two ViaSat-3 geostationary communications satellites. Each satellite will provide one terabit per second of throughput. The LSE190 cell is specifically engineered to support these kinds of high-power duty cycles, and to achieve a 15-year mission… Read more »

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has sold 25,000 units in the UK

Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV has become a big hit in the UK – sales recently passed the 25,000 mark, and the Japanese SUV now represents about half the total number of PHEVs registered in the island nation, where some 13 plug-in hybrid models are available. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was first launched in Japan in 2013,… Read more »

MINI previews upcoming PHEV model

MINI execs have previewed the brand’s first plug-in hybrid model, and announced that the series development process is almost complete. The upcoming MINI can drive in all-electric mode at speeds of up to 50 mph. Said Head of MINI Brand Management Sebastian Mackensen, this is a question of character: “In a hybrid MINI model, driving… Read more »

NASA inaugurates new Electric Aircraft Testbed

Commercial electric aircraft may lie far in the future, but NASA is conducting research on several fronts. Engineers at the NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT) at NASA’s Glenn Research Center ran the new facility’s first test in September. Dr. Rodger Dyson led a team that successfully tested a 600-volt electrical power system that could realistically… Read more »

Infineon launches AURIX family of TC3xx microcontrollers for automotive applications

Infineon Technologies has launched the next generation of its AURIX microcontroller family. The TC3xx microcontrollers include a hexa-core architecture and features for connectivity, security and embedded safety. They are suited for a range of automotive applications, including engine management, transmission control, hybrid domain control, inverter control, battery management, and DC-DC converters. The AURIX TC3xx family… Read more »

XALT Energy receives China’s new GB/T certification for Lithium Titanium Oxide cells

XALT Energy has announced that its Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO) battery cells have been certified under China’s new GB/T quality control standard. The new and more stringent standard replaces the QC/T standard under which the cells were previously certified. XALT launched the LTO cell in China last year, and was ramping up production volume to… Read more »

SAE working to finalize Wireless Power Transfer standard

The process of finalizing standards for wireless charging is well underway. At a recent conference, SAE Wireless Charging Taskforce Chair Jesse Schneider presented the recently published SAE TIR, Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) for Light-Duty Plug-In/ Electric Vehicles and Alignment Methodology, along with plans for standardization by 2018 to support commercialization. The SAE TIR J2954 contains… Read more »

Navy and Marine Corps to lease 205 new EVs

The California Energy Commission and the US Navy have formed a partnership to modernize energy resources at Navy and Marine Corps bases. The agreement, which implements recommendations made by the Governor’s Military Council last year, includes initiatives to deploy both renewable energy and electric vehicles. The Navy and Marine Corps will lease 205 new EVs… Read more »