Kentucky firm to market diesel hybrid conversion kits for Class 8 trucks

Kentucky-based ePower Engine Systems has placed an order with Axion Power International (OTC QB: AXPW) for Axion’s lead­carbon (PbC) batteries and management systems, which will be used to convert ten Class 8 trucks (the largest category of over-the-road trucks) to series diesel hybrids, using ePower’s proprietary technology. Each conversion kit would require 56 PbC batteries… Read more »

Nissan says Infiniti LE delayed, not dead

Andy Palmer, Nissan’s head of global planning, said this week that the Infiniti LE has been delayed to give the company more time to develop the vehicle’s battery and charging technology. EV watchers have been eagerly anticipating the LE since the concept was unveiled at the 2012 New York Auto Show. In June, however, Infiniti’s… Read more »

Energy 376 Corridor to include 45 public chargers in greater Pittsburgh area

As Pennsylvania electric utility CONSOL Energy unveiled an EV charging station at the company’s headquarters in Canonsburg, PA, it added a touch of 4th-of-July American showmanship, billing the event as the “Declaration of Energy Independence.” The Eaton Level II charging station is one of 45 units that will be installed in the greater Pittsburgh area… Read more »

Unclean at Any Speed: constructive criticism or anti-EV hit job?

In a recent editorial in IEEE Spectrum, author and former GM employee Ozzie Zehner asserts that electric vehicles are not as environmentally friendly as boosters claim, and may even be browner than ICEs. “Dozens of think tanks and scientific organizations have ventured conclusions about the environmental friendliness of electric vehicles. Most are supportive, but a few… Read more »

Cadillac releases details of ELR suspension and steering systems

Cadillac’s new ELR electrified luxury coupe is built around the same basic powertrain as the popular Chevy Volt, but is designed to deliver a much more exciting driving experience. This week, Cadillac released some details of ELR’s advanced suspension and steering systems. “ELR’s methodical use of advanced suspension and steering technologies front and rear has… Read more »

Lightning Motorcycles makes history at Pikes Peak

Carlin Dunne and Lightning Motorcycles made history at this year’s Pike’s Peak Hill Climb, as their electric motorcycle was the fastest two-wheeled vehicle to make it to the top, the first time an EV has beaten its gas-powered competitors on the 12.42-mile “Race to the Clouds.” The 500 lb, 200 hp “Flying Banana” finished in… Read more »

TSLA floors it again

There’s no stopping Tesla now. The company’s stock (Nasdaq: TSLA) rose over 7% to close at a new high on Monday after a bullish analyst’s report highlighted the strong sales of Model S, and the trickle of good news continued. Jefferies analyst Elaine Kwei noted that most of this year’s gains in the large luxury sedan segment are… Read more »

BMW: lithium-air batteries will double EV range within four to five years

Most experts agree that the eventual dominance of electric vehicles depends on a big breakthrough in battery technology. With researchers around the globe feverishly working on such an advance, there’s no question (except among the most rabid EV-haters) that it will happen. If you ask when the big break will occur, however, you’ll find a… Read more »

Aruba plans to be emissions-free by 2020

Cities, regions and countries around the world are moving ahead with the transition to electric mobility. As we discuss in this month’s issue of Charged, island communities are especially keen to get plugged in, because of their high energy prices and environmental challenges. However, as far as we know, the Caribbean island of Aruba is the… Read more »