Qualcomm and Daimler collaborate on connected cars

Qualcomm Technologies and Daimler have announced a strategic collaboration focused on connectivity. In the first phase, the companies will focus on 3G/4G connectivity and the Qualcomm Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology. Qualcomm’s Wireless Power Transfer 2.0 program not only provides the ability to charge EVs and PHEVs without having to physically plug them… Read more »

Dutch EV charging network Fastned offers shareholders lifetime free charging

The Dutch charging network Fastned is offering investors a tempting perk: free fast charging at all Fastned stations for the rest of their life. Shareholders that invest over 25,000 euros in the company become a member of the Fastned Founders Club, and can immediately start charging for free. In 2012, Fastned was awarded a concession… Read more »

German state to test carpool/low-emission lanes

The German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg (which includes Daimler headquarters Stuttgart) plans to conduct a feasibility study of carpool lanes (Umweltstreifen), which can also be used by vehicles with low emissions. As reported by the Stuttgarter Zeitung (via Green Car Reports), the special lanes will be open to EVs, PHEVs, and other vehicles that meet the… Read more »

Torqeedo offers inboard version of Deep Blue electric marine drive

Marine motor maker Torqeedo has introduced a shaft-drive version of its 40- and 80-horsepower Deep Blue motor. The Deep Blue inboard electric drive was designed for marine use from the ground up. Its lithium-ion batteries are made in the US by Johnson Controls, and come with a nine-year, 80% capacity warranty. Maximum speed is 18… Read more »

Motiv Power Systems receives $8 million grant, opens new manufacturing facility

Motiv Power Systems scored an additional $8.1 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to continue commercializing its electric powertrains, bringing the total amount of the company’s CEC funding to $12.3 million. The company has also opened a new manufacturing facility in Hayward, California, which will employ 20 workers and have an annual production… Read more »

Nissan and BMW to build EV charging station network in South Africa

Nissan and BMW have agreed to jointly build a national grid of public charging stations in South Africa. The stations will feature DC fast chargers compatible with both the CCS2 standard used by BMW’s plug-in models and the CHAdeMO standard used by the Nissan LEAF. Some stations will also include Level 2 chargers. “Our introduction… Read more »

Tennessee will offer EV rebates

State EV incentives are an ever-changing patchwork. As Georgia eliminates its EV rebate program, neighboring Tennessee is introducing one (Pennsylvania recently reinstated an existing program). The Volunteer State’s Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) has announced that, starting June 15, it will offer rebates of $2,500 for EVs, and $1,500 for PHEVs, sold or leased… Read more »

New Elon Musk biography reveals new details, sows controversy (book review)

Ashlee Vance, the author of Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, has had unprecedented access to his subject, spending many hours in face-to-face interviews with Musk. He has also spoken with many of Musk’s family members, friends and business associates, and has crafted a comprehensive biography that’s replete with details… Read more »

New Zealand network installing Veefil DC fast chargers

Brisbane, Australia-based Tritium has shipped 23 of its Veefil 50 kW DC fast chargers to the New Zealand company Charge.net.nz, the first phase of a three-year project to establish a network of fast chargers across the country. “We’ve identified around 75 sites across the country and our aim is to have fast chargers installed on… Read more »