Torqeedo’s Deep Blue Hybrid offers flexible power system for boat propulsion and accessories

Torqeedo, a manufacturer of electric boat motors, has announced its new Deep Blue Hybrid, an integrated system that acts as an energy supply for both a vessel’s hybrid drive and all AC/DC electrical loads on board. This solution allows boat owners to harness solar, wind, plug-in and regenerative power in the system’s high-capacity batteries, keeping… Read more »

Johnson Control introduces 12-volt lithium titanate battery for start-stop systems

Johnson Controls is adding a lithium titanate battery to its line of automotive battery offerings. The new 12-volt technology, the product of a collaboration with Toshiba, is designed to power Advanced Start-Stop vehicles. “Johnson Controls is pursuing opportunities to develop evolutionary low-voltage energy storage systems that will help our customers meet increasing fuel regulations at… Read more »

Meanwhile, Chevrolet unveils a substantially improved 2016 Volt

Unveiling the new Bolt and Volt (or is it Volt and Bolt?) together doesn’t seem like the smartest of marketing moves – the game-changing new 200-mile electric hatchback is bound to steal some thunder from the upgraded practical plug-in sedan, and that would be a shame, because the improvements to the Volt are worth trumpeting…. Read more »

ARPA-E offers funding for novel energy-related research

If you’re working on an outside-the-box technology that’s a little hard to explain, there may be hope of getting government research funding after all. ARPA-E has issued a $125-million open Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to support “disruptive new technologies in all areas of energy research and development.” Unlike most of the agency’s FOAs, OPEN 2015… Read more »

Cycle World publishes lengthy primer on electric motorcycles

An electric motorcycle may seem like an incongruous idea – after all, if there’s anyone who loves noisy, smoky gasoline engines, it’s the stereotypical leather-clad biker. However, as Charged readers well know, e-cycles are here, and their performance is steadily winning converts. Kevin Cameron of Cycle World observes that lovers of two-wheeled speed have two… Read more »

Volkswagen demonstrates e-Golf that can park (and charge) itself

This week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas features a fleet of vehicles from Volkswagen that showcase the triple trends of electrification, autonomy and connectivity. VW notes that its plug-in models, the e-Golf and Golf GTE, would be inconceivable without computers that control such functions as battery charging and switching between gas and electric drive… Read more »

Toyota opens up its fuel cell patents; BMW will also research FCVs

Taking a page from Tesla’s book, Toyota plans to make some 5,680 patents on fuel cell technologies available royalty-free. The motivation appears to be much the same – just as Tesla hopes to encourage other automakers to produce battery EVs, Toyota wants to “open the door to the hydrogen future” and “spur development and introduction… Read more »

BMW i3: “The most advanced vehicle on the planet” taken apart and reverse-engineered

The BMW i3 incorporates several extremely innovative features (as we noted in our August 2013 cover story), from its carbon fiber “life module” to its bottom-mounted battery pack to its unique optional range extender. In a recent Forbes article and accompanying video, Sandy Munro calls it “the most advanced vehicle on the planet…as revolutionary as… Read more »