Volvo Buses grows its battery recycling program

Volvo Electric Bus ABB OppCharge

Volvo Buses is amping up its green portfolio. It’s introducing a program to recycle its bus batteries by transforming them into a source of energy for a Gothenburg residential complex. The program, which began late last year in partnership with Stena Property and Stena Recycling, is similar to one the company is already running with several other area partners.

The refurbished bus batteries are charged by rooftop solar panels, and will be used to power residential community features, such as outdoor lighting and laundry facilities. When the batteries lose their viability, they’ll be shipped off to Stena Recycling for processing.

“We not only aim to create sustainable public transport but also work to ensure that our entire value chain is sustainable,” said Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses. “We create yet another commercial incentive for electric buses since the application area for bus batteries is expanded.”

Source: Volvo Buses