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Ports of Auckland buys electric tug boat

Ports of Auckland has purchased an electric tug boat called the Damen RSD-E Tug 2513. The boat features a 70-ton bollard pull, estimated lifespan of 25 years, and an initial price tag roughly double that of a diesel tug boat, according to Tony Gibson, CEO of Ports of Auckland. However, the operating cost of an e-tug is expected to be less than one third that of a diesel tug, saving Ports of Auckland some $12 million over the life of the boat.

Gibson said the Damen RSD-E Tug 2513 can perform three to four hours of work on a single charge, which takes about two hours.

“In 2016 we set ourselves the goal of being zero-emission by 2040,” Gibson said. “However, setting that goal created a tough challenge. We have a lot of heavy equipment, like tugs, and in 2016 there were no zero-emission options.”

James Shaw, New Zealand’s Minister for Climate Change, said, “People who say we have to wait for the technology to emerge before we can set ourselves bold goals have got it round the wrong way. Many of the challenges we face with climate change will require solutions that aren’t yet on the market. Ports of Auckland and an increasing number of other businesses across New Zealand are showing that won’t stop them finding ways to meet our goals on greenhouse gas emission reductions.”

Source: Ports of Auckland

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