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Meritor hopes to put 130 heavy-duty electric trucks on the road by 2020

Auto parts manufacturer Meritor has announced it has 22 electrification programs with OEMs, and expects to put at least 130 fully electric medium- and heavy-duty commercial trucks on the road by the end of 2020.

Among the 130 commercial vehicles, 60 received funding from the California Air Resources Board as part of a broader effort to reduce emissions in freight facilities.

In the first half of 2019, a fleet customer of Meritor plans to begin operating the first of six medium-duty pick-up and delivery trucks equipped with Meritor’s 14Xe electric drive system. The trucks integrate subsystems from TransPower, a manufacturer of electrification technologies for large commercial vehicles. In 2017, Meritor announced an investment in TransPower.

Meritor’s eCarrier platform integrates an electric motor into the axle, freeing up space for batteries and other components. This design is the foundation for various drivetrain configurations, including fully electric, hybrid and single or tandem axles with options for vehicle Classes 5 through 8.

“These emission-free solutions offered under Meritor’s Blue Horizon technology brand have the potential to transform the industry by meeting the rising global demand for clean, electric-powered drivetrains that we believe will deliver a high-efficiency solution that greatly reduces the total cost of ownership for our customers,” said Meritor CTO John Bennett.

In addition to the truck applications, a prototype school bus outfitted with Meritor and TransPower electrification systems has been in testing in Escondido, California, since late May. Testing includes climbing steep grades, stop-and-go at low speeds, off-road and freeway driving, as well as heavy-load hauling on rural roads.


Source: Meritor


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