Malmö, Sweden orders 60 Volvo high-capacity electric buses

Scandinavian transport operator Nobina, which services Malmo, Sweden, has ordered 60 of Volvo’s 7900 Electric Articulated electric buses. Propelled by dual electric motors with a two-speed transmission, the buses have a maximum power output of 400 kW, maximum torque of 31 kN-m at the driven axle, and up to 396 kWh of battery capacity.

The buses can carry up to 150 passengers and will be capable of quick charging via OppCharge stations located on the bus route, or charged when parked in the depot.

Volvo Electric Bus ABB OppCharge
ABB’s OppCharge System

Volvo is scheduled to begin delivering the buses in January 2021.

Henrik Dagnäs, Managing Director at Nobina Sweden, said, “We are seeing a rapid change of public transport where the electric buses and technology are meeting the needs of society and passengers for efficient, comfortable, and sustainable public transport.”

Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses, said, “Electromobility creates entirely new opportunities for urban planning and improves flexibility for cities that want to bring public transport closer to where people actually live and work.”

Source: Volvo Buses

  • Dennis Worley

    Good work Volvo…..we need these in NZ! NOW

  • Argovicus

    Very good that these Buses are now available. They are desperately needed and should be in any town in Europe standard.
    As the electrical drive technology (Trolleybus) is available since many years, only the battery technology was not ready. It’s really incomprehensible why Trolleybus technology is only followed by a relative small number of cities in Europe.
    We are waiting and want to see this bus soonest in all cities in Europe! This is a top issue to be followed by the EU Commission!