California’s largest airports to operate only zero-emission shuttles by 2035

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved a rule requiring airport shuttles at the state’s 13 largest airports to transition entirely to ZEVs by 2035. The regulation applies to both public and private fleets, including those from parking facilities, rental car agencies, and hotels.

Six California airports and private fleets serving nine airports have already purchased ZEV shuttles, according to CARB. There are currently 48 ZEV shuttles in operation and almost 100 more have been ordered, representing 15 percent of all airport shuttles in the state.

The new rule will roll out in phases. Beginning in 2022, shuttle fleets will be required to report the details of their vehicles. Starting in 2023, if fleets are replacing a ZEV shuttle, the replacement vehicle must also be a ZEV.

The schedule is intended to allow fleets to retain eligibility for incentive funding during most of the transition period, as well as allowing fleets to use their current shuttles for the remainder of their useful life.

The regulation is expected to impact almost 1,000 shuttles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 500,000 metric tons. Shuttle fleet owners are estimated to save $30 million in fuel and maintenance costs from 2020 to 2040, according to CARB.

Source: California Air Resources Board

  • Daniel

    This is a irritation.Also a good news for the EV industry.

  • Vincent Wolf

    Now they need to make a law in California that all RV’s must be fully electric. Wow won’t that help save the environment and make for a quieter trip for all of us because XOA campgrounds would be so silent then. No diesel generators throwing up a ruckus. No diesel powered RV’s to make additional ruckus and nasty fumes. No vibrations to keep you awake. Ability to charge 60+ miles a day from the 8’x40′ (320 sq ft) roof so you never have to pay for fuel with 300kW or larger batteries like the Tesla Semi trucks will have. Ability to drive 500 miles without refueling. Ability to run your entire RV parked in no man’s land for a month without fear of sparking a national forest fire from propane tanks that blow up while your cooking. And so on.

    • Stuart McColl

      No one ever died in an electric vehicle ? I love electric cars and own a Tesla Model 3 … and am glad about this report and buses going electric … but this rant needs to be audited for factual basis. It dosn’t help to just make stuff up.

    • John Ebbinghaus Sr

      When CA passes that law(S) RV owners can drive them to the Mexican boarder to house the migrant illegals…and if there are any other states that pass those laws and they have an excess of RV’s then they can drive them to Honduras, Guatamala, etc and maybe that will cut down the number of migrants waiting to come to the U$ of A.