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Anaheim Transportation Network orders 40 BYD e-buses for area around Disneyland

Anaheim Transportation Network, a non-profit that operates shuttles around Disneyland and other local tourist sites in Anaheim, has ordered 40 additional e-buses from BYD, which has a manufacturing facility in Los Angeles.

Half of the order will be for 40-foot BYD K9M buses. The remainder of the buses will range in size from 30 feet to the 60-foot articulated K11M. ATN says the variety of bus sizes will allow it to efficiently serve a range of routes in the Anaheim Resort District, which includes Disneyland, Angel Stadium, and the Honda Center hockey arena.

ATN received a grant from the Transit and Intercity Capital Program, which awards funding from the state-sponsored Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. ATN also received funding from the state’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project, which provides point-of-sale discounts when organizations purchase electric fleets.

“We’ve been operating four of BYD’s 40-foot K9Ms on our routes over the past two years, and based on their performance, we are confident in BYD’s quality product and their support of our efforts to electrify our fleet,” ATN Executive Director Diana Kotler said. “These new buses will provide ATN a 57% zero-emission fleet by 2020.”

Source: BYD via Green Car Congress


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