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Issue 61: July-September 2022 Featuring: Cadillac’s ambitious move to an all-electric luxury brand by 2030 Power electronics thermal limits and how to not exceed them TWAICE battery analytics platform promises enormously valuable insights at every point in a battery’s lifecycle The redesigned federal EV tax credit and other EV-related measures ConnectDER and Siemens Partner to… Read more »

A closer look at torque ripple – minimizing its effects on electric machines

The Switched Reluctance Motor, or SRM, is often discussed as a prime choice for the next-generation EV traction motor. It is simple, robust, and arguably the least expensive of all motor types to manufacture. However, SRMs are notoriously difficult to control, and prone to emitting significant amounts of vibration and acoustic noise. The good news… Read more »

ELIX Wireless introduces 10 kW wireless charging system

As battery capacities grow larger, there’s likely to be a demand for ever-higher charging power levels. With this in mind, ELIX Wireless has developed a wireless charging solution that delivers 10 kW of power transfer, and can operate under extreme environmental conditions. The E10K Wireless Charging System is based on the company’s Magneto-Dynamic Coupling (MDC)… Read more »

FIA Formula E Championship aims to change perception and push EV technology to new heights

A race towards progress: The all-electric racing series The greatest obstacle to getting more EVs on the road isn’t high upfront costs, range anxiety or a lack of infrastructure – it’s simple consumer awareness. Despite the fact that the Model S, Volt and LEAF are becoming common sights in many cities, a surprisingly high number of… Read more »

Phinergy CEO on aluminum-air batteries and 1,000-mile range-extended EVs

Along with its industry giant partner Alcoa, Israeli startup Phinergy says it has aluminum-air batteries for EVs in the can. More than 550 feet over the National Mall in Washington, DC, the single most significant piece of American aluminum triangulates a point between the White House, the US Capitol, and the Lincoln Memorial. It is… Read more »

New York City orders 71 more EV ARC solar charging systems from Beam Global

New York City has placed an order for an additional 71 of Beam Global’s EV ARC solar-powered EV charging systems. This is the city’s seventh order, and it brings its fleet of EV ARC EV charging systems to 160. The new units are flood-proof to 9.5 feet, wind-rated to 125 mph, and feature an emergency… Read more »

Hyundai fuel cell trucks won’t be using green hydrogen after all

Governments around the world are dedicating taxpayer money to hydrogen projects, and these are invariably presented as using green hydrogen (produced by electrolysis using renewable energy). Hydrogen detractors often warn that, once these projects are funded, green hydrogen, which isn’t yet available at any scale, will prove impractical, and boosters will quietly switch to grey… Read more »

Ascend launches two new materials to make EVs safer and quieter

US-based materials company Ascend Performance Materials has introduced two new materials designed for EVs. Starflam X-Protect is a flame-retardant nylon 66 that can withstand a 1,100° C direct flame for 15 minutes. “Despite being relatively rare, critical battery failure and thermal runaway can occur, and X-Protect was designed to keep people safe even in extreme… Read more »