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Switch Mobility unveils electric double-decker bus for Indian market

Electric bus and commercial vehicle builder Switch Mobility has unveiled a new electric double-decker, air-conditioned bus designed, developed and manufactured in India specifically for the Indian market. Switch says its EiV 22 is equipped with “the latest technology, ultra-modern design, highest safety and best-in-class comfort features.” It can carry 65 passengers—nearly twice the number of… Read more »

The EV raw materials crunch: How bad, how long, how to solve it?

This article originally appeared in Issue 60: April-June 2022 Subscribe now Every new technology must overcome a series of temporary constraints on its way to widespread adoption. Since modern EVs appeared a decade ago, they’ve motored past many of these bottlenecks, (or hurdles, or roadblocks—pick your preferred metaphor). Range has increased, access to charging infrastructure has expanded,… Read more »

ONE’s hybrid battery pack combines the best aspects of two chemistries to deliver 600 miles of EV range

Q&A with ONE CTO Dr. Steven Kaye. There is a wide range of characteristics that describe the performance of any given battery chemistry: energy density, specific energy, specific power, discharge efficiency, self-discharge rate, cycle life, calendar life, and—not the least important—cost.  Some types of Li-ion chemistries are really good in a few characteristics but fall… Read more »

XING Mobility launches new integrated battery system for heavy-duty EVs

XING Mobility, a Taipei-based electric powertrain company, has launched a new integrated battery system designed for heavy-duty EVs in the logistics, construction, agriculture and mining markets. “We look forward to collaborating with our partners and customers to accelerate the electrification transformation for all business fleets,” says co-founder and CEO of XING Mobility Royce YC Hong…. Read more »

Wildcat Discovery Technologies raises $90 million for commercialization of EV “Super Cell”

Battery innovator Wildcat Discovery Technologies has raised $90 million in a Series D funding round led by Koch Strategic Platforms (KSP), a subsidiary of Koch Industries (yes, that Koch Industries). Eastman Kodak (yes, that Kodak) also participated in the round. Wildcat will use the new funds to further develop and commercialize a “Super Cell,” which… Read more »

U-Mich researchers claim new approach reduces battery testing time by 75%

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a streamlined approach to testing new battery designs which they say could cut the time for both simulation and physical testing by as much as 75%. The new study, “A generic battery cycling optimization framework with learned sampling and early stopping strategies,” was published in Patterns-Cell Press…. Read more »

IEA’s Global EV Outlook 2022 is packed with market info

Each year, the International Energy Agency releases a report that assesses the state of the EV market. The latest edition notes that EV sales “powered through 2021 and have remained strong so far in 2022,” but cautions that “ensuring future growth will demand greater efforts to diversify battery manufacturing and critical mineral supplies to reduce… Read more »