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AMPECO CEO discusses the software that makes large-scale EV charging systems work in comprehensive Q&A

Q&A with AMPECO CEO Orlin Radev Large hardware installations need complex software to keep them running, and EV charging infrastructure projects are no exception. Any organization running more than a couple of EV chargers—whether it’s a public charging provider, a fleet operator, a multi-unit residential property, or just a business that offers EV charging to… Read more »

GM insiders explain why Ultium EV production stalled

As the popular narrative has it, GM, Ford et al are walking back on their electrification plans because EV sales have slowed. Seldom mentioned in the headlines is the fact that GM and others have very few EVs for sale at the moment, and have fallen way behind their putative schedules for releasing new models…. Read more »

National Car Charging secures contract with state of California

Denver-headquartered EV charging station reseller and installer NCC has received  an exclusive three-year procurement contract from the California Department of General Services (DGS) for non-networked DC fast charging infrastructure.  The contract is part of the state’s investment of more than $10 billion for zero-emission vehicles and infrastructure under its $52-plus billion California Climate Commitment. NCC… Read more »

DuPont’s new glycol-purification solution can extend the lifetime of EV coolants

Chemical giant DuPont has launched a new glycol-purification solution for e-mobility. DuPont AmberLite EV2X resin is designed to extend the lifetime of EV coolants while reducing glycol maintenance requirements. Unlike ICE vehicles, EVs have to manage conductivity within their systems. The degradation of the glycol coolant and other components within the thermal management system releases… Read more »

Archer Aviation and NASA collaborate to advance eVTOL technologies

California-based Archer Aviation, a developer of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, has a Space Act Agreement with NASA for a joint project that will initially focus on studying high-performance battery cells and safety testing for applications in the fields of advanced air mobility (AAM) and space. NASA aims to test Archer’s battery cell… Read more »

Firstgreen’s new electric skid steer loader

In the beginning stages of a technological transformation, the new tech tends to conquer the best use cases first. Regular Charged readers will be familiar with EV-friendly applications such as drayage trucks, delivery vans, school buses and suburban yuppies, but here’s one you may not have heard of: skid steer loaders. A skid steer is… Read more »

Battery cell qualification for EVs: Lucid’s cell specialist discusses the complicated process

Q&A with Lucid’s Battery Cell Technical Specialist Maithri Venkat. When it comes to battery cells for EVs, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. The properties of a particular cell act as constraining factors for every aspect of a vehicle’s design—and not only for vehicle performance parameters such as range and power, but for the development… Read more »

Biden vetoes bill that would stall US funding of public EV charging stations

To paraphrase a past American president, every pro-EV policy is only one legislative or court decision away from extinction. President Biden’s IRA and BIL (and pro-EV measures in California and other states) have been under attack on multiple fronts since their inceptions. Uncle Joe recently wielded his veto pen against legislation aimed at delaying investment… Read more »