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A closer look at torque ripple – minimizing its effects on electric machines

The Switched Reluctance Motor, or SRM, is often discussed as a prime choice for the next-generation EV traction motor. It is simple, robust, and arguably the least expensive of all motor types to manufacture. However, SRMs are notoriously difficult to control, and prone to emitting significant amounts of vibration and acoustic noise. The good news… Read more »

ELIX Wireless introduces 10 kW wireless charging system

As battery capacities grow larger, there’s likely to be a demand for ever-higher charging power levels. With this in mind, ELIX Wireless has developed a wireless charging solution that delivers 10 kW of power transfer, and can operate under extreme environmental conditions. The E10K Wireless Charging System is based on the company’s Magneto-Dynamic Coupling (MDC)… Read more »

FIA Formula E Championship aims to change perception and push EV technology to new heights

A race towards progress: The all-electric racing series The greatest obstacle to getting more EVs on the road isn’t high upfront costs, range anxiety or a lack of infrastructure – it’s simple consumer awareness. Despite the fact that the Model S, Volt and LEAF are becoming common sights in many cities, a surprisingly high number of… Read more »

Phinergy CEO on aluminum-air batteries and 1,000-mile range-extended EVs

Along with its industry giant partner Alcoa, Israeli startup Phinergy says it has aluminum-air batteries for EVs in the can. More than 550 feet over the National Mall in Washington, DC, the single most significant piece of American aluminum triangulates a point between the White House, the US Capitol, and the Lincoln Memorial. It is… Read more »

Amprius receives orders from AALTO for battery cells

California-headquartered lithium-ion battery manufacturer Amprius has signed purchase orders for its SiMaxx cells from Airbus subsidiary AALTO, a Finland-headquartered producer of fixed-wing, high-altitude platform stations (HAPS). Amprius says its 450 Wh/kg SiMaxx cells are designed to operate in extreme flight conditions while maximizing flight range and payload capacity. The batteries are capable of supplying enough… Read more »

ION Storage Systems commissions solid-state battery pilot line

US-based solid-state battery manufacturer ION Storage Systems has commissioned a pilot production line adjacent to its headquarters in Maryland. The facility is expected to start manufacturing 1 MWh of battery cells this year, increasing to 10 MWh by early 2025. The company has a longer-term goal of reaching 500 MWh of capacity by 2028. ION’s… Read more »

EcoG helps EVSE manufacturers streamline the process of bringing new products to market

Enabling the next phase of EV charging station manufacturing. We tech writers often refer to “ecosystems,” and biologists may shake their heads at our appropriation of the term, but the analogy is an apt one in many ways. A biological ecosystem has its charismatic megafauna (elephants, lions, whales), but it couldn’t function without its less-glamorous… Read more »

AB Dynamics acquires EV testing firm Venshure Test Services

UK automotive testing technology company AB Dynamics has announced its acquisition of US dynamometer-based testing services provider Venshure Test Services (VTS).  The maximum consideration payable for VTS, which is being acquired from its two shareholders, is $30 million. The initial cash consideration is $15 million. VTS is focused on developing and deploying EVs for US… Read more »