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Monolithically integrated GaN half bridge enables smaller, more powerful voltage converters

Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics has demonstrated what it calls the world’s first monolithically integrated GaN half bridge for the 600 volt class. Half bridge circuits are the centerpiece of many voltage converters. Monolithic integration combines several components on a single GaN chip, enabling small, powerful systems to be created. Monolithically integrated… Read more »

Proterra testing autonomous electric buses in Reno

City buses are slowly but steadily going electric, and they could soon begin to go driverless as well. Electric bus maker Proterra, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Nevada Reno and the German Fraunhofer Institute, is testing autonomous buses on the streets of Reno. The first phase of the pilot project will focus… Read more »

ECO COMBAT project aims to develop better and more sustainable batteries

Ten European industry and research organizations are partnering in the EU-funded project ECO COMBAT (Ecological Composites for High-Efficient Li-Ion Batteries), which aims to develop next-generation Li-ion batteries. Better performance is not the only goal for the new battery. The project also aims to develop a battery that’s more sustainable, by reducing the need for expensive… Read more »

Finnish firm develops lightweight stainless steel battery pack for EVs

Finland-based Outokumpu is working on lightweight stainless steel solutions for EVs in cooperation with Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute. Their latest innovation is a new battery pack that combines several lightweight engineering technologies as well as new types of cooling and structural strategies. Because EV batteries are mainly installed in the underfloor area, their casings have high… Read more »

Jaguar Land Rover developing three electrification concepts

As Audi, Porsche and other luxury brands show their concepts for the electric future in Frankfurt, Jaguar Land Rover has released details of three R&D projects that explore three different levels of electrification. The Concept_e MHEV is a mild-hybrid system featuring an electric motor/generator that regenerates braking energy, stores it in a battery and uses… Read more »

Bosch: Our new EV heat pump system can increase range by up to 25%

Heating and cooling an EV presents a special challenge, as battery power must be used for climate control, which can significantly reduce range. Automakers and researchers around the world are working on a range of alternative solutions. Nissan and Volkswagen both use heat pumps in their EVs. The JOSPEL project, a consortium of organizations from… Read more »

Scalable axle module for commercial vehicles promises cost savings

A group of eleven German partners, including the Fraunhofer Institute, is developing an integrated axle module for commercial vehicles that promises high performance and reduced production costs. ESKAM, which stands for Electric Scalable Axle Module, includes a motor, gearbox and power electronics in a single compact housing. Advantages of the axle module include high power… Read more »

German micro smart grid project supplies an EV fleet with renewable electricity

As Germany and Switzerland work to phase out their nuclear power plants, the countries are becoming vast laboratories for renewable energy research, and EVs are an important part of the equation. A team from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering, together with Daimler and the University of Stuttgart, has announced a project called charge@work, whose… Read more »