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A closer look at wire bonding

Wire bonding technology – widely utilized in the microelectronics and power electronics industries since the 1970s – is finding its way into interesting new applications in the growing EV industry – in particular, battery connections. We’re quite certain that a few EVs are using wire-bonding technology for production battery pack connections, but Charged was unable… Read more »

WAVE wireless charging helps transit agencies save money by going electric

Wireless charging technology is almost ready for the big stage. Qualcomm has demonstrated its Halo system in various vehicles, including the Drayson B12/69 electric race car. Evatran’s Plugless aftermarket system is now commercially available for the Volt and the LEAF, and a Model S-compatible version is coming soon. Several major automakers have indicated that they’re… Read more »

Electric torque vectoring: Q&A with GKN’s Advanced Engineering Director (Full Interview)

Torque vectoring technology is generally defined as a vehicle’s ability to vary the power to each wheel. Quickly controlling the torque applied to the wheels independently of one another allows the driving characteristics of a vehicle to be improved in significant ways – more stability, more responsiveness and more agility. A conventional differential distributes the… Read more »

Electric torque vectoring: A motor for each wheel or a single-motor-clutch system?

In February, engineering firm GKN Automotive announced a new torque-vectoring option for electric drive called eTwinster. Torque vectoring technology is generally defined as a vehicle’s ability to vary the power to each wheel. To quickly control the torque applied to the wheels independent of one another – increasing stability, responsiveness and agility – GKN’s new… Read more »

Volkswagen reopens Transparent Factory as showcase for electric mobility

Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory, which allows customers to watch their new vehicles being assembled, has been redesigned as a showcase for electromobility and digitalization. The site now features some 50 interactive exhibits, including a glass frame model of the e-Golf. Several of VW’s electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are available for test drives. The exhibition is… Read more »

eMotorWerks’ new networked portable charging cord and 75-amp home charger

eMotorWerks specializes in intelligent smart-grid-enabled charging solutions. Its JuicePlug is a universal EVSE adapter that can convert an existing “dumb EVSE” into a smart one, with app- and web-based control. The latest additions to eMotorWerks’ product line are designed to allow portable EVSE to connect to the cloud, and to accommodate ever-higher charging levels. JuiceCord… Read more »

Delphi’s new 48 V mild hybrid system could see production in 18 months

Delphi Automotive (NYSE: DLPH) has unveiled a new 48-volt mild hybrid vehicle solution. The company says it is working with two global automakers on the system, and it could go into production within 18 months. Delphi’s mild hybrid technology, which it showcased in a Honda Civic diesel, uses electrification to minimize the demand on the… Read more »

Vayon acquires electric powertrain supplier Mission Motor

Vayon Holdings, a designer of batteries and vehicle electrical systems, has acquired the San Francisco-based Mission Motor Company, a developer and supplier of electric powertrain technologies that are designed to provide optimal power for their size and weight. Founded in 2007, is best known for developing the Mission-RS electric motorbike, which showcases the company’s powertrain… Read more »

Tesla finds short circuit caused Norway Model S fire, updates software to enhance safety

An investigation by Tesla has determined that the January fire that destroyed a Model S while it was charging at a Supercharger station in Norway was caused by a short circuit in the vehicle’s electrical distribution box, according to Norwegian news site VG. “The cause was a short circuit in the distribution box in the car,”… Read more »

GKN Driveline’s eAxle enables plug-in powertrains for mass-market vehicles

GKN Driveline has developed an eAxle module designed to enable C-segment vehicles to offer buyers a plug-in hybrid option with both improved performance and reduced emissions. The new eAxle is an evolution of the system GKN designed for the Porsche 918 Spyder. The single-speed design minimizes weight to just 20.9 kg (46 lbs) while optimizing… Read more »