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Adding graphene girders to silicon electrodes could double battery life

Graphite has long been the default choice of material for anodes, but researchers dream of replacing graphite with silicon, which has ten times the gravimetric energy density. Unfortunately, silicon has several issues that limit its commercial use – it expands during lithiation, causing particles to agglomerate in ways that impede efficiency, and it is not… Read more »

GeniePoint Network rolls out fast chargers at UK petrol stations

UK charging solution provider ChargePoint Services (no relation to the US company ChargePoint) has partnered with gas station operator the Motor Fuel Group (MFG) to roll out a network of rapid chargers that it says will be the biggest non-motorway rapid charging network in the UK. Over 14 new tri-connector rapid chargers have already been… Read more »

AeroVironment’s new TurboDX charging solution

AeroVironment (NASDAQ:AVAV) has introduced TurboDX, the company’s next-generation Level 2 charging station for commercial, workplace, utility and residential customers. TurboDX has been certified by Underwriters Laboratory to North American UL Standards for safety and reliability. European variants are certified to IEC standards, and Chinese configurations meet the CQC certification. TurboDX is offered in 16- and… Read more »

Fuel cell truck maker Nikola gets investment from safety specialist WABCO

WABCO Holdings (NYSE: WBC), a global supplier of technologies and services for commercial vehicles, has made a $10-million strategic investment in Nikola Motor Company, developer of a Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell truck. The two companies also agreed to work together to develop safety technologies specifically designed for electric commercial vehicles, including electronic braking systems… Read more »

A redesigned Nissan LEAF arrives in 2018, joining the new generation of plug-ins

When some future author writes a book about the most influential cars in automotive history, the Nissan LEAF will be right up there with the Model T, the VW Beetle and the Tesla Model S. The LEAF was the first EV aimed at the mass market, and as of this writing, it remains the best-selling… Read more »

Questions and concerns: Battery power in marine applications

Experts discuss the special concerns when designing battery technology for marine environments. There is growing worldwide demand for electric-powered vessels and for broader electrification in maritime operations, particularly in ports. Consider the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, for example. Air pollution from those ports is a top concern for environmental and public health… Read more »

Belgian charging corridor installs Tritium fast chargers

Australian EVSE manufacturer Tritium has supplied 25 of its Veefil-RT 50 kW fast chargers for the Belgian stage of the EU’s UNIT-E fast-charging network. The new chargers are positioned along motorways, linking the country’s major cities. The goal of the UNIT-E project is to modernize transport infrastructure across the EU. The Belgian phase, which is… Read more »

New report analyzes global market for recycled lithium and cobalt

In a new analysis of the global end-of-life value chain for lithium-ion batteries, consultancy Creation Inn predicts that the total amount of recycled lithium could reach 5,800 tons (30,000 tons lithium carbonate equivalent) in 2025, 9 percent of the total lithium battery supply, while the amount of cobalt from recycled batteries is expected to reach… Read more »

Raption 50 DC fast charger uses a modular design to maximize uptime

Barcelona-based charger manufacturer Circontrol presented its new Raption 50 DC quick charging station at the recent EVS30 exhibition in Stuttgart. The Raption 50 series is designed to maximize its uptime and availability for users, thanks to its modular design, which features four individual power packs that deliver 12.5 kW each. If one power pack fails,… Read more »