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DC charging standards: CHAdeMO Association responds to the European Commission

Could skillful diplomacy avoid a senseless, destructive war? The CHAdeMO Association fired off a diplomatic salvo to the European Commission this week, expressing its concern over the possibility that CHAdeMO might be phased out in Europe, and its support for dual-standard DC chargers. For those who’ve just tuned in: European automakers have thrown their support… Read more »

BMW i8 electrifies Frankfurt

While BMW has been shining a spotlight on its new i3 electric city car, the second vehicle in the i line still had a bit of mystery about it. The i8 rolled out of the shadows this week in Frankfurt, as BMW announced that the plug-in hybrid sports car will arrive in US showrooms in… Read more »

Qualcomm becomes technology partner of FIA Formula E Championship

Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM) has announced a multiyear agreement to become a Technology Partner of the FIA Formula E Championship, the new international electric racing series. Qualcomm’s Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology will be used by the Formula E safety cars in the 2014 inaugural season, and will be made available to the race… Read more »

The challenges of battery state of charge measurements

Your BMS’s fuel gauge is lying to you. Here’s why that’s not a big deal. Battery management systems (BMSs), and the fuel gauges in them, are a part of daily life for almost everyone. You’ll find them in vehicles, laptops, cell phones, grid-attached energy storage – basically, anything that does work and needs to be plugged in,… Read more »

Multiphase cooling: CapTherm’s technology takes the heat off

Canada’s CapTherm Systems’ multiphase cooling technology could take the heat off of EV batteries and charging stations more efficiently, taking up less space using fewer materials while improving longevity and performance. Charged takes an early peek at this innovation before it goes commercial next year. If you’ve never dropped your smartphone 10 feet onto pavement,… Read more »

BMW i3: The launch of many firsts

When you’re writing about the dawn of a new industry, “firsts” and “milestones” come along so often that they may start to lose their novelty. However, the BMW i3, which was officially “launched” in July, and is scheduled to go on sale next year, boasts an impressive number of innovations that has the EV press… Read more »

Resonating with the OEMs: WiTricity’s wireless energy transfer technology

WiTricity hopes to leverage a wireless energy transfer breakthrough out of MIT into a commercial solution with far-reaching potential Inside a standard electrical transformer are two coils that transfer power wirelessly. They utilize the principle of magnetic induction, sending energy from a primary coil to a secondary coil without a direct electrical connection.  Inductive chargers,… Read more »

CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine Issue 9 – August 2013

Subscribe Now Trouble viewing? Read the features inside here.   Featuring: The Tech A closer look at back electromotive force The challenges of battery state of charge measurements Multiphase cooling: CapTherm’s technology takes the heat off Plug In America research: Tesla Roadster battery longevity exceeds projections   The Vehicles BMW i3: The launch of many firsts Plug-in… Read more »

New modular battery concept to be demonstrated at Frankfurt show

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) will present a unique modular battery concept for electric buses at the upcoming International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The battery system consists of flat modules that can be stacked to reach the dimensions and electric characteristics desired. The idea is that, because the size and shape of the battery… Read more »

Efacec to produce dual standard fast chargers

As pundits agonize over the senseless war of the fast charging standards, EVSE manufacturers are simply sidestepping the issue by building chargers that support both systems. Efacec, a Portuguese company that has its US headquarters in Norcross, Georgia, has received certification from the electrical product safety organization ETL to produce chargers compatible with the new… Read more »