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oneDRIVE of a kind: KLD Energy’s new propulsion system

In August 2013, KLD Energy announced that it has received official UN and IEC certification for the battery pack solution of its proprietary electric drive system. The announcement marked the end of a five-year development effort and the beginning of high-volume production for the company’s ultra-efficient turnkey oneDRIVE propulsion system.  There are hundreds of different… Read more »

CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine Issue 10 – October 2013

 Brought to you by:  Subscribe Now Trouble viewing? Read the features inside here.   Featuring: The Tech The new A123 looks a lot like the old A123: Q&A with Jeff Kessen Leyden Energy’s Li-imide electrolyte and the rise of start-stop vehicles oneDRIVE of a kind: KLD Energy’s new propulsion system Web of Power: Spider9′s Operating System for… Read more »

Web of Power: Spider9’s Operating System for Energy

Spider9 weaves a matrix for stationary energy storage and shows that when it comes to fitting battery technology into electric vehicles, it’s not all for one and one for all. Many real-world technologists and engineers take inspiration from the worlds of science fiction, where recurring themes of systems theory take shape in the Grid of… Read more »

Eight US states aim to put 3.3 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025

Governors from eight states have announced an initiative to put 3.3 million zero-emission vehicles (defined as EVs, PHEVs and fuel cell vehicles) on the roads in their states by 2025. These states – California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont – are among those that have already adopted the California Air… Read more »

Hold the presses! BMW may or may not produce another electric model someday!

BMW has emerged as Europe’s electric standard-bearer. Its i3 EV, which is to go on sale in Germany in November, has proven so popular that the company may increase production, and a spokesman recently said that the company is “planning to have a plug-in hybrid in each and every model series.” All this has led… Read more »

Cadillac ELR keeps it quiet

Naturally, the 2014 Cadillac ELR’s interior is silent when running on battery power. The luxury coupe’s engineers went to great lengths to keep it that way when the range-extending generator kicks in. ELR uses active noise cancelling, a technology that samples noise and generates a sound wave with the same amplitude but with inverted phase,… Read more »

Fujitsu and RESC collaborate on battery swapping information system

The future of battery swapping technology in general is far from clear, but it seems to be well suited to the needs of electric scooters. Fujitsu and venture start-up RESC Ltd. have announced that they will collaborate in developing a system that uses Fujitsu’s cloud service to manage the cassette-type secondary batteries used in RESC’s… Read more »

ABB multi-standard fast charger receives EU safety certification

European electronics giant ABB has received CE marking approval for its 50 kW Terra 53 CCS DC fast charging station. The CE mark demonstrates compliance with all relevant European Union safety regulations. The Terra 53 supports both the CCS and CHAdeMO DC fast charging standards, making it compatible with every EV on European roads, and… Read more »

AllCell Technologies launches new battery solutions for e-bikes and pallet jacks

AllCell Technologies presented a couple of new lithium-ion battery solutions at this week’s Battery Show in Michigan. AllCell’s Summit line of premium e-bike batteries is available as a stand-alone product for OEMs, retailers, and consumers. Summit offers both 36- and 48-volt versions and capacity options of up to 17 Ah. Its down-tube mounting location provides… Read more »

ECOtality files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

ECOtality, operator of the Blink charging network and manager of the EV Project, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and intends to seek the approval of the court for an auction and sale of substantially all of its assets. In connection with the filing, ECOtality and its subsidiaries entered into a Credit and Security Agreement… Read more »