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Tesla partners with Chinese wireless carrier to deploy 400 charging stations

Tesla has announced a partnership with China Unicom, China’s second-largest wireless carrier, to build public charging stations across the country. The two companies will install charging posts at 400 Unicom stores in 120 cities, with Tesla supplying equipment and Unicom providing the land, said Tesla spokeswoman Peggy Yang. Tesla will also deploy Superchargers in 20… Read more »

BMW’s new DC fast charger: smaller, lighter, cheaper

BMW of North America has launched its own DC fast charger. A joint development between BMW and Bosch, the BMW i DC Fast Charger can charge an i3 to 80 percent in 30 minutes. It’s about half the size of most DC chargers (31x19x12 inches), weighs around 100 pounds, and can be mounted on a… Read more »

ABB and Volvo form partnership for bus fast charging

Swiss power and automation group ABB has announced a partnership with Volvo Buses to co-develop and commercialize electric and hybrid buses with open standards-based DC fast charging systems. The partners will develop a standardized system that can charge electric and hybrid buses quickly through an automatic roof-top connection system at bus stops, or through cabled… Read more »

Security buffs win a prize for hacking into a Tesla Model S

The hyperconnected automobile presents all sorts of opportunities for criminal mischief, and it’s no hypothetical danger – last year, DARPA researchers were able to remotely hack into Toyota and Ford vehicles and disable the brakes. At this month’s Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan360), a security conference in Beijing, security buffs were invited to… Read more »

Prodrive demonstrates silicon carbide-based DC-DC converter

A consortium led by the British motorsport and technology firm Prodrive has successfully run a silicon carbide-based multiport DC-DC converter in an EV.  Silicon carbide devices operate at a higher frequency than equivalent silicon components – at 75 kHz in the test vehicles – with a significant reduction in switching losses. This allows the magnetic… Read more »

Daimler and BMW commit to common technology for wireless charging

Daimler and BMW have agreed to jointly develop and implement a common technology for wireless charging. The system consists of two components: a secondary coil integrated into the under tray of the car and a primary coil integrated into a floor plate that can be placed on a garage floor. Electrical energy is transmitted at… Read more »

High-visibility Juice Bar commercial charger now available in Mini version

Juice Bar’s EV charging stations are designed to catch the eye, with a sleek and trendy look, an LED-illuminated logo, and plenty of space for advertising, branding or sponsorship opportunities. They are also highly customizable – station owners can add amenities such as tire inflation stations, commercial vacuums and even custom-painted murals to maximize their… Read more »

BMW Smart Charging App lets drivers automatically schedule cheapest charging times

BMW has launched a new Smart Charging App, which allows drivers to automatically identify the best rates and times for charging their EVs at home. The new app is integrated with the existing BMW i Remote App, and is available for Android and iOS devices.         Through a connection to a national… Read more »

Echo Automotive aims for the plug-in fleet sweet spot

The commercial fleet market is one of the most exciting frontiers in the electromobility revolution, not only because of the enormous potential for fuel savings, but because it offers opportunities for a smaller company, which can hope to carve out a lucrative niche developing a powertrain solution, without the need to build the sort of… Read more »

BC Hydro pushes for a timely fast charger rollout

BC Hydro is the electricity supplier for about 95 percent of the Canadian province of British Columbia. It’s government-owned and vertically integrated, meaning that the company owns and operates everything from production and transmission to distribution to customers. The company’s 30 hydroelectric facilities meet 78 percent of its electricity requirements, with the balance coming from… Read more »