Major UK petrol station chain to buy Tesla EV chargers

British petrol station operator EG Group plans to buy Tesla fast charging stations for its evpoint European EV charging network. This is the second known sale of Tesla chargers to another charge point operator, following a recent order from bp pulse. EG’s Tesla chargers will be accessible to all EV drivers regardless of brand, and… Read more »

Kempower earns ETL certification, will begin production of EV charging stations in North America

Kempower, a manufacturer of DC fast charging solutions for EVs, has earned Electrical Testing Laboratories certification from Intertek Testing Laboratories, allowing production to begin at the company’s new production facility in North Carolina. The ETL Listed Marking is a certified indicator to retailers and distributors, that Kempower’s satellite charging systems have been tested by Intertek… Read more »

ABB e-mobility simplifies payment for EV charging with Vourity acquisition

ABB e-mobility has acquired Swedish fintech startup Vourity, which provides technology designed to enable seamless payment options for EV charging. Vourity’s technology “enables rapid, secure payment for EV charging, using a wide variety of payment options including credit cards, mobile pay and RFID tags.” The cloud-based solution can be operated through a pay station or… Read more »

BMW expands ChargeForward smart charging program

BMW of North America is expanding its smart charging service, ChargeForward, in conjunction with the launch of the first electric BMW 5 Series, the BMW i5. ChargeForward provides customers with incentives for aligning their vehicle charging with times when renewable energy is available on the grid. It’s already available in some states through partnerships with… Read more »

Scania and sennder establish JV to help fleets afford electric trucks

Truck OEM Scania has joined with digital road freight forwarder sennder Technologies to form a joint venture called JUNA, to advance electric truck adoption and promote electric solutions in road freight logistics across Europe. Berlin-based JUNA is introducing an innovative pay-per-use model for electric trucks. The upfront cost of an electric truck is far higher… Read more »

China’s new restrictions on graphite exports are “a very big deal” for the EV industry.

The global supply of graphite, a critical component of Li-ion battery anodes, could soon represent a major bottleneck for EV production. Supply chain experts have been sounding alarms about graphite for some time. Some months ago, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence was already reporting that “the potential graphite supply crunch is arguably one of the most acute… Read more »

GM acquires casting specialist TEI, a key enabler of Tesla’s gigacasting process

Tesla’s gigacasting process, which uses giant casting machines to make car bodies with just a few massive cast parts, allows the company to greatly simplify chassis assemblies, saving loads of time, money and factory space. Other automakers, including Ford, Hyundai and several Chinese brands, have taken a keen interest in the technology. Tesla’s process relies… Read more »

How to use innovative financing to electrify your fleet (Webinar)

The question around fleet electrification is no longer “Why?” but rather “When?” and “How?” The process of transitioning to operating an electric fleet can be lengthy and the upfront costs can feel daunting, so how can fleets join the electrification revolution without breaking the bank? Fleets can take advantage of financing available from sources such… Read more »