Major truck OEMs form PACT to advocate for EV infrastructure development

The pursuit of contradictory goals is a basic fact of human nature, and the commercial truck industry is no exception. Vehicle OEMs are investing large sums to advance the transition to electric vehicles, even as they lobby governments to water down the emissions regulations that are forcing that transition. Advocates of slowing the transition often… Read more »

Hyundai to build an electric van for Iveco, based on its new EV platform

Hyundai will build a new electric light commercial vehicle for the Iveco Group, based on Hyundai’s new all-electric Light Commercial Vehicle (eLCV) platform. Hyundai will manufacture and supply the chassis cab, and Iveco will customize and distribute the complete vehicles to the European market through its local sales channels. The Iveco-badged e-van will join Iveco’s… Read more »

GM hires EV superstar Kurt Kelty as Vice President of Batteries

It’s plain to anyone who follows the auto industry that there are pro-EV and anti-EV factions at every legacy automaker. For the last three decades, the OEMs’ interest in EVs has flapped this way and that in the winds of quarterly earnings and political shifts. Last fall, the “let’s wait awhile” contingent appeared to have… Read more »

Bloomy’s new BMS test system brings hardware-in-the-loop battery design validation to the desktop

Bloomy Controls has launched a new battery-simulating test system that “brings the rigor and discipline of the hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) design validation lab onto the individual desktops of multi-person, multi-site development teams.” Bloomy’s new Desktop BMS HIL Test System is a smaller, more compact and portable version of the company’s Full and FLEX BMS HIL Systems…. Read more »

Curbside charger maker Trojan Energy secures £26 million in investment

On-street EV charger manufacturer Trojan Energy, based in Aberdeen, Scotland, has secured £26 million in investments to facilitate its growth plans—£8 million from UK growth capital investor BGF and £18 million from the Scottish National Investment Bank. Trojan Energy, which manufactures its units in Aberdeen, currently has 600 on-street charge points in operation in the… Read more »

Fermata Energy integrates its V2X platform with BorgWarner’s bidirectional chargers

Bidirectional charging pioneer Fermata Energy has integrated its Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) services platform with bidirectional EV chargers manufactured by BorgWarner. The integration of Fermata’s software with BorgWarner’s hardware, including both 60 kW and 125 kW UL-certified chargers, enables Fermata’s platform to optimize V2X bidirectional charging commands with a Combined Charging System (CCS) communication protocol. Fermata is… Read more »

Endera offers pre-built electric cutaway bus chassis for rapid delivery

Transit fleets are going electric, but long lead times for delivery represent a major bottleneck across the commercial EV industry. Endera, a provider of electric commercial vehicles and charging stations, has come up with an innovative solution: pre-built electric chassis that can be delivered quickly and customized to suit the customer’s needs. The Endera EV… Read more »

Swap out heavy equipment battery packs with Moog’s ZQuip Modular Battery System

Moog subsidiary ZQuip says it can convert diesel-powered heavy equipment to EVs at a lower cost than buying all-new machines. The company sells a conversion kit that includes a battery harness, electric motor and thermal management, along with 70 and 140 kWh Energy Modules (battery packs), which are interchangeable across machines. As a proof of… Read more »

Chaevi unveils new 400 kW Tesla NACS-compatible DC fast charger for North America

EV charging equipment manufacturer Chaevi has announced the availability of its new all-in-one DC EV charger, which delivers a blazing 400 kW of power, for the North American market. This speed demon is expected to be fully NEVI-compliant by Q2 2024, and is available for pre-order now. This DC fast charger provides simultaneous charging from… Read more »