Audi to convert factories for EV production, phase out ICE models by 2033

The most significant tipping points for electromobility will be when automakers stop producing ICE vehicles. Audi has announced a couple of definite (if rather timid) steps in that direction: the brand is beginning to prepare its global facilities for the production of EVs; it will only launch all-electric models as of 2026; and it will… Read more »

Researchers develop cobalt-free cathodes using hydrothermal synthesis

Researchers at the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have developed a new method for producing cathodes for lithium-ion batteries by relying on hydrothermal synthesis, which eliminates the need to use cobalt, making the process quicker, less wasteful and less toxic. They describe their work in: “Hydrothermal synthesis of Co-free NMA cathodes for high-performance Li-ion… Read more »

Volkswagen’s charging network now spans 27 countries

Volkswagen’s charging and energy brand Elli now offers access to 400,000 public charging points operated by more than 800 providers in 27 countries across Europe. The company says its network has doubled in size over the past 18 months, most recently by the addition of 24,000 Vattenfall charging stations in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and… Read more »

Billions of bucks for US battery plants announced in 2022

Electrifying transportation is going to require beaucoup batteries, and for a raft of reasons, those batteries need to be built near the vehicle markets they serve (not shipped halfway around the world, as is often the case today). The Biden Administration’s Inflation Reduction Act includes incentives for automakers to source their batteries here in the… Read more »

Rincon Power launches new 600 A, 1,000 V manual battery disconnect

Electronic parts manufacturer Rincon Power has announced a new line of battery disconnect switches, the HVBD6Axx series. This hermetically sealed switch serves to isolate a high-voltage system in a compact and robust package.   According to the company, the HVBD6Axx offers 600 A continuous current carry in applications ranging from 12 to 1,000 V DC. The… Read more »

Stellantis and Qinomic to develop EV retrofit solution for light commercial vans

Stellantis and Qinomic, a sustainable mobility and retrofitting equipment manufacturer, have partnered to develop a retrofit solution to convert fossil-powered commercial vans (LCVs to our British mates) to electric drivetrains. The electric retrofit solution aims to protect freedom of mobility with an affordable option that meets customer needs to extend the lives of their vehicles… Read more »

KULR obtains commercial license to use NASA thermal runaway technology

KULR Technology Group, an energy management platform company, says it has attained operational readiness for its fractional thermal runaway calorimeter (FTRC), and has a commercial licensing agreement with NASA to use the agency’s patent-pending FTRC solution. KULR’s new commercial license follows a one-year trial license from NASA, and allows FTRC to be used by companies,… Read more »