EVgo and ABB deploy 150 kW DC fast charging station for industry testing

EVgo, which owns and operates a network of over 900 DC fast chargers, has partnered with electrical conglomerate ABB to deploy a high-power fast charging station in Fremont, California for testing purposes. The new ABB-built charger features a maximum charging rate of 150 kW, three times faster than most current units. As automakers develop higher-power… Read more »

Japanese automakers doggedly forge ahead with fuel cells

The debate over fuel cells rages on. Many in the EV industry, most prominently Elon Musk, have explained at eloquent length why hydrogen fuel cells are inferior to batteries for automotive applications. Others however, especially in Japan, do not agree. The main proponent is Toyota, which has been selling the Mirai fuel cell vehicle since… Read more »

Maxwell Technologies localizes ultracapacitor production for Chinese e-buses

Energy storage solution provider Maxwell Technologies (NASDAQ: MXWL) has announced an agreement with CRRC Qingdao Sifang Rolling Stock Research Institute (CRRC-SRI) to localize manufacturing of its ultracapacitor-based modules for use in the China new energy bus market. Local production is expected to begin in China in the second half of 2017, coinciding with the peak… Read more »

Ford encourages common industry metrics to understand electric driving requirements

Based on its own analysis of anonymized driving data, Ford is encouraging the adoption of a standard way to analyze driving data for OEMs and regulatory agencies to understand real-world electric driving usage in comparison to regulatory test cycles. In a presentation at the recent SAE Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium, (via Green Car Congress) Brett… Read more »

Alstom fuel cell/battery passenger train to go into service in Germany

French train manufacturer Alstom has developed a passenger train that incorporates both fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries The company presented the zero-emission Coradia iLint at the recent InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin. The German state of Lower Saxony has ordered 14 units, according to Die Welt, and plans to put them into service in December…. Read more »

Workhorse’s electric delivery truck claims six times better fuel efficiency than ICE trucks

Workhorse Group (NASDAQ: WKHS) has announced that its electric delivery trucks are achieving 30+ miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) during stop-and-go parcel, bakery, and uniform delivery routes – up to six times better than the typical 5-8 mpg achieved by gas- or diesel-powered medium-duty trucks. The company estimates that total savings on fuel and maintenance… Read more »

Visedo’s electric propulsion system powers hybrid ferry in Taiwan

The Taiwanese harbor city of Kaohsiung has launched a new hybrid ferry. Visedo OY, a Finnish manufacturer of electric drivetrains for marine vessels and other heavy-duty applications, worked alongside Taiwan’s Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center (SOIC) to retrofit the 100-ton, 23-meter-long passenger ferry with a Visedo electric propulsion system, replacing the original 300 hp… Read more »

WiTricity collaborates with Nissan on wireless charging

WiTricity’s DRIVE wireless charging system features a charging pad on or under the ground and a matching device on the underside of a vehicle. It charges an EV automatically, using magnetic resonance technology, and requires no cables or moving parts. WiTricity and Nissan have announced a collaboration that aims to ensure that wireless charging systems… Read more »