Strict US auto emission and efficiency standards are history (updated)

As expected, the USA’s Climate-Change-Denier-In-Chief will move towards rolling back federal regulations on vehicle emissions. The change, which could undo one of President Barack Obama’s most significant environmental legacies, does not require action by Congress. Reuters reports that an announcement is expected from the Trump administration as soon as Tuesday. The expected order will reopen… Read more »

New protocol reduces Li-ion battery formation time by a factor of six

A new process developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory could alleviate a bottleneck in battery manufacturing and deliver higher capacity batteries. It also conserves lithium, which improves battery capacity. In “Fast formation cycling for lithium ion batteries,” published in the Journal of Power Sources, Seong Jin An and colleagues explain that the formation process,… Read more »

St Petersburg, Florida to deploy two BYD electric buses

Charged’s hometown of St Petersburg has become the second city in Florida to begin electrifying its bus fleet (Tallahassee’s StarMetro operates five Proterra e-buses). After two years of deliberation, the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA), which serves the St Pete/Clearwater metro area, has decided to buy two BYD electric buses. The e-buses will serve Beach Drive,… Read more »

Fortum partners with Polish utility to provide Charge & Drive cloud solution

Fortum Charge & Drive has signed a cooperation contract with Enspiron, a subsidiary of the Polish energy company Energa, to provide its Charge & Drive cloud solution, which Energa will use to operate its EV charging infrastructure. Energa currently operates six charging facilities in the cities of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia, and the company plans… Read more »

$10 million in funding for low-emission school buses available from California ARB

A new program funded by proceeds from California’s cap-and-trade program aims to encourage the transition of California’s school bus fleet to zero-emission and low-emission buses. The Rural School Bus Pilot Project offers funding for the purchase of new fuel cell and battery-electric school buses and associated charging equipment. Plug-in hybrid buses, or new buses that… Read more »

Volvo to introduce 3-cylinder PHEV in 2018, BEVs in 2019

Volvo will introduce a new variant of its Twin Engine plug-in hybrid system in 2018, featuring front-wheel drive and a 3-cylinder engine. In 2019 it will launch its first production battery-electric vehicles and a new 48 V mild hybrid system. This news comes from Mats Anderson, Senior Director of Electric Propulsion Systems, who spoke to… Read more »

GM’s LA car-sharing fleet adds 100 Chevy Bolts, offers free charging

Maven, General Motors’ year-old car-sharing service, is adding over 100 Chevy Bolts to its fleet in Los Angeles. Maven also plans to offer the Bolt in San Diego and San Francisco in the near future. According to GM, Maven has been “doing gangbusters” in LA: since launching in October 2016, the service has seen average… Read more »

Elon Musk addresses Tesla employees about unionization

Unions and automakers have a long and fraught relationship. As Tesla has begun to evolve into a major automaker, the union has come calling, and Detroit execs are doubtless looking on with sympathy (or schadenfreude?) at the events of the past couple of weeks. Recently, Tesla factory worker Jose Moran claimed in a post on… Read more »

Thermoelectric generators convert waste heat from an ICE to electricity

The Institute of Vehicle Concepts at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is working with Yamaha to develop thermoelectric generator modules for on-road and rail vehicles. In “Development of a Thermoelectric Module Suitable for Vehicles and Based on CoSb3 Manufactured Close to Production,” published in the Journal of Electronic Materials, Mirko Klein Altstedde and colleagues explain… Read more »