Scania and Northvolt say their new battery can power electric trucks for 1.5 million km

Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania and Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt have unveiled a jointly developed lithium-ion battery cell for heavy EVs, which they say is capable of powering trucks for 1.5 million kilometers. The specifications of the prismatic cell include a 157 Ah capacity and a nominal voltage of 3.6 V. Produced with fossil-free electricity… Read more »

EvoCharge expands its offerings with addition of DC fast chargers

EV charger supplier EvoCharge has partnered with Finland-based EV charger manufacturer Kempower to introduce a line of DC fast charging systems for servicing automotive as well as medium- and heavy-duty and commercial applications in North America. “It is estimated that 80% of automotive charging will occur at home using Level 2 AC chargers,” said EvoCharge… Read more »

E-magy raises €20.5 million for high-energy battery material scaling

E-magy, a Dutch advanced material firm, has secured €20.5 million to prepare for industrial-scale production of its silicon anode material in response to rising demand for high-energy batteries. Replacing graphite with silicon in the anode has several benefits, but current silicon-dominant EV batteries swell and crack when charged and discharged often. E-magy has developed a… Read more »

WattEV opens heavy-duty electric truck charging depot at Port of Long Beach

California’s recent adoption of the ACF regulation, which will phase out diesel trucks over the next few years, has highlighted the pressing need for heavy-duty EV charging infrastructure. WattEV is doing its part. Construction of its 26-truck charging plaza at the Port of Long Beach is complete, and the company, along with charging standards organization… Read more »

European HEFT project targets cheaper, more efficient, power-dense motor for EVs

In a €4-million HEFT research project directed by Mondragan University, eight EU partners including GKN Automotive will create a “lower-cost, more efficient and power-dense” permanent magnet motor for EVs. HEFT is an EU Horizon 2020 project focused on designing and manufacturing EV motors with reused and recycled permanent magnets. HEFT recommends energy-efficient rare earth synchronous… Read more »

JOLT rolls out ADS-TEC’s battery-buffered fast chargers in city centers

ADS-TEC Energy, an international manufacturer of battery storage-based solutions, and Munich-based charge point operator JOLT Energy will collaborate to deploy fast EV charging stations in major cities in Europe and the US. JOLT has already ordered “a high double-digit number of systems” for 2023, and more orders are expected. ADS-TEC’s battery-buffered charging solutions are designed… Read more »

Magna to produce off-road EV for INEOS Automotive

Canadian automotive parts supplier Magna has been awarded a contract to manufacture the INEOS Automotive off-road EV—expected to start production in Graz, Austria, in 2026. Magna started working with INEOS Automotive in 2018, providing complete vehicle engineering services ahead of the launch of the company’s first off-roader, the Grenadier. “As a global contract manufacturer with… Read more »

ABM brings together EV charging, parking, microgrid expertise at new EV ecosystem hub

ABM, a provider of facility services, infrastructure solutions, and parking management, has installed close to 30,000 EV charging stations to date, and now aims to be “a single-source solution provider across the entire EV ecosystem,” offering comprehensive engineering, design, installation and maintenance services. To this end, the company plans to centralize its e-mobility, resiliency and… Read more »

Tesla says it’s “building” a new product. Is this the long-awaited Model 2?

Less-affluent EV fans have been hoping Tesla would produce a budget-priced EV since…well, since the company’s founding. Over the last few months, we’ve seen growing evidence that a cheaper Tesla—which the chattering classes have unofficially dubbed Model 2—is in the works. In April, Tesla revealed Master Plan Part 3, which included teaser-level info about three… Read more »