US Postal Service finally places an order for EVs—but there’s a catch

After a two-year campaign to avoid electrifying its fleet, the US Postal Service has announced plans to do what it should have done in 2021. The agency will purchase 9,250 off-the-shelf Ford E-Transits as a first batch of replacements for its 30-year-old Grumman LLV delivery vehicles. Delivery of the EVs is expected to begin this… Read more »

Los Angeles rideshare provider Kaptyn uses Zeem’s fleet-as-a-service solution

Kaptyn operates a rideshare fleet of Tesla Model Ys in Los Angeles. Since November 2022, the company has been using a fleet-as-a-service solution provided by Zeem Solutions. Kaptyn’s vehicles reside at Zeem’s depot near LAX, and Zeem acts as an extension of Kaptyn’s fleet operations team by managing on-site charging, parking, security, scheduled maintenance and… Read more »

Rincon Power launches new 750-volt, 20-amp relay series

Rincon Power has announced a new addition to its line of sealed contactors, relays and switches. The new RER02 Series ultra-compact relay offers the ability to isolate high-voltage systems in a robust package. The RER02 Series can carry 20 amps of continuous current for applications up to 750 VDC. It can also handle 80 A… Read more »

UK Research and Innovation competition offers £1.5 million for battery firms ready to scale up to commercialization

If you’ve got a UK company that’s working on innovative battery tech, check in with the funding body UK Research and Innovation, which has launched a new £1.5-million competition to support UK small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) working in the battery sector. The competition will give SMEs the opportunity to work with the UK Battery… Read more »

Canada allows DC fast chargers to bill by energy usage instead of charging time

Public chargers can be set up to bill customers according the time they spend plugged in (by the minute), or according to the actual amount of energy dispensed (by the kWh). The latter method is fairer and more consistent, as there are many factors that can affect how much energy is delivered in a given… Read more »

Recurrent Reports offer battery and range info for 65,000 used EVs

Buying any used car is a bit like buying the proverbial pig in a poke, and for an EV, there are additional questions to ponder: What’s the state of the battery, and how much range can I expect? These are the questions that Recurrent Reports aim to help car shoppers answer when buying a used… Read more »

Norway has another electrifying year in 2022—10 top-selling cars were all EVs

Norway is the undisputed global capital of e-mobility. Private cars, taxis, buses, ferries, airport ground equipment—they’re all plugging in. The trend of steady electrification continued last year. The market share of plug-in vehicles rose from 65 percent in 2021 to 80 percent in 2022. This represents an important step towards reaching the country’s goal climate goal… Read more »

IVECO Bus to sell up to 500 electric buses to Belgian transit agency

IVECO Bus, headquartered in Turin, Italy, has signed a framework agreement with Flemish government-owned public transport enterprise De Lijn for an initial sale of 65 E-WAY articulated electric city buses, with an option for future sales of up to 500 units. Deliveries are to begin in 2024, and will potentially continue over six years. The 18-meter-long… Read more »