China’s new restrictions on graphite exports are “a very big deal” for the EV industry.

The global supply of graphite, a critical component of Li-ion battery anodes, could soon represent a major bottleneck for EV production. Supply chain experts have been sounding alarms about graphite for some time. Some months ago, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence was already reporting that “the potential graphite supply crunch is arguably one of the most acute… Read more »

GM acquires casting specialist TEI, a key enabler of Tesla’s gigacasting process

Tesla’s gigacasting process, which uses giant casting machines to make car bodies with just a few massive cast parts, allows the company to greatly simplify chassis assemblies, saving loads of time, money and factory space. Other automakers, including Ford, Hyundai and several Chinese brands, have taken a keen interest in the technology. Tesla’s process relies… Read more »

How to use innovative financing to electrify your fleet (Webinar)

The question around fleet electrification is no longer “Why?” but rather “When?” and “How?” The process of transitioning to operating an electric fleet can be lengthy and the upfront costs can feel daunting, so how can fleets join the electrification revolution without breaking the bank? Fleets can take advantage of financing available from sources such… Read more »

Blink Charging launches V2G-capable EV charger in UK and Ireland

Blink Charging’s EQ 200 Level 2 EV charger, which the company just launched in the UK and Ireland, is one of a new generation of V2G-capable bidirectional chargers. It’s designed to “enable the switch from static EV charging to more dynamic and sustainable energy management as grid technology develops.” The EQ 200’s smart features include… Read more »

GivEnergy introduces solar-compatible EV charger

UK battery technology company GivEnergy has launched a new EV charger that allows for smart charging from either the grid, renewable sources or home storage batteries. For fixed-time-of-use tariffs, customers can set the charger to power their EVs when energy is at its cheapest and greenest. GivEnergy is also working with power companies to create… Read more »

GreenPower sells 35 BEAST electric school buses to California school districts

GreenPower Motor, a manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty EVs, has secured new orders for 35 Type D electric school buses from two California school districts. The Garden Grove School District ordered 10 BEAST school buses, and the Montebello School District ordered 25 Mega BEAST buses. The orders were placed through GreenPower’s exclusive California dealer Model… Read more »

Ricardo supports Winnebago in developing its first eRV prototype

UK-headquartered engineering consulting company Ricardo has announced its role in the launch of the US-made Winnebago eRV2 prototype. According to Ricardo, Winnebago selected the company for its track record in diverse product development cycles, launch management and expertise in electric vehicle integration. Ricardo was responsible for delivery of the project, from clean sheet design to… Read more »

10 electric truck case studies: commercial electrification at scale (Webinar)

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) monitored and collected data from 10 major EV truck depots in September 2023. In this webinar at the Virtual Conference on EV Infrastructure, we explore the insights from interviewing 122 people at these sites and monitoring the charging and operations of 21 different trucks. Each of these… Read more »

Dynexus uses pattern recognition to make a powerful battery health measurement technique even better

Measuring battery health and safety continuously is an important challenge—lithium-ion batteries can experience several challenges over their lifetimes such as unintended capacity loss, short circuits and thermal runaway. In 2011, Idaho National Laboratory researchers developed a new technology for measuring battery health and safety. By sending multiple waves of electrical current simultaneously through a battery,… Read more »